Galaxy “Sausage” in ancient times, faced with the milky Way galaxy

Computer simulations showed the features and consequences of this event.

Галактика «Сосиска» в древности столкнулась с галактикой Млечный Путь

According to scientists from the European space Agency, in ancient times, the milky Way galaxy, where Earth collided with a galaxy called “Sausage Gaia” (Gaia Sausage). Galaxy which on huge speed have faced the milky Way that has a very tiny size, which she was able to leave their radial orbits. Experts said that the form of the Solar system as Central disk of the milky Way, was formed thanks to the galaxy “Sausage Gaia”.

Using detailed computer simulations, astrophysicists were able to observe how after the collision, all the stars of the galaxy miniature flocked to elongated orbits. Stars “Sausages Gaia” constantly change their location, moving away from the center of the galaxy, coming close to him, which distinguishes them from the vast majority of celestial bodies in space.


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