September 24, 2022
Galaxy Z Fold 4: Samsung's fastest foldable phone this year and improvements |  Analysis / review

Galaxy Z Fold 4: Samsung’s fastest foldable phone this year and improvements | Analysis / review

a Galaxy Z Fold 4 It is the most expensive phone from Samsung today and it promises great multitasking power in a foldable model that is in tune with the world of tablets. Have we made much progress compared to the predecessor? Let’s check.

The design has hardly changed. At first glance, it’s clear that Samsung decided to keep betting on what worked the previous generation, but the Fold 4 has been reworked a bit and is more square when open and less stretchy when closed, which makes it more enjoyable to carry. This small change makes the accessories from the old accessories not match the new ones.

The two screens have a new look with a slight change in resolution, although the inches are kept from before. The panel is still the same 120 Hz 2x Dynamic AMOLED, but it now uses more modern materials in its manufacture, which helps reduce power consumption. Brightness is strong on both screens and colors are vibrant without oversaturating. The Fold 4’s stereo sound is of great quality, and could be a little stronger.

Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 platform shows a good leap over 3 . fold With Snapdragon 888 and up to Galaxy S22 Ultra With 8 Gen 1. It’s not the fastest Android we’ve tested, but it does battle for the crown among Samsung. It also runs all games well and does not suffer from overheating like the models in the S22 line.

The battery is the same 4400 mAh as before divided into two cells. Autonomy improves with new Qualcomm board applications and a more efficient processor. We’ve had a 20% increase in uptime compared to its predecessor, and it’s also linked to the S22 Ultra which has a larger battery. Charging hasn’t improved, it’s still limited to 25W and takes over an hour to get a full battery.

The photography suite features the same sensors and lenses as the simplest models in the S22 line. The exception is the selfie camera on the main screen, which is the same as the Fold 3’s and is hidden under the panel. The shooting quality in general is great and shows good development in dark scenarios with a more efficient night mode. The camcorder records in 8K, good stabilization and audio capture, but the focus isn’t as nimble as the S22 Ultra. The disappointing part is the shooting with the camera under the screen which is limited to Full HD and has poor quality at night.

Is it worth buying the Galaxy Z Fold 4 for some improvements? It depends. If you are in doubt whether to buy a new one or save up and go with the old one, it is better to get the latest one because the price difference is small. The Fold 4 is a great phone, but it’s still a niche and hasn’t really brought anything revolutionary in this generation. For more details, just check out the full review below:

Galaxy Z Fold 4 launched in Brazil in August 2022 with prices starting at 12,799 BRL. Below you will find the best deals on Samsung’s foldable phone:

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