July 22, 2024

Galestus refutes Mara Maravilla on his nose: again?

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Galestus refutes Mara Maravilla on his nose: again?
Galestus refutes Mara Maravilla on his nose: again?

After Mara Maravilla called her “nose” while on “Silvio Santos Show,” Adrien Galisto used Instagram to refute the comment.

At that time, Mara had to give hints about a question whose answer was given.”farm‘, but they ended up offending Galisteus by referring to her in this way.

Me and my nose again? Have you ever wondered why you charge so much and find yourself so faulty? The simple fact is to listen to others. You care a lot about what the other person will think, and what the other person will say. In a time where the internet has a much more weight in our lives, we need to be comfortable with ourselves browsing for unnecessary things and people, and dealing with comments about us all the time. The first step is to love yourself for who you are, with your faults and qualities. God created you this way without taking it off. If you look in the mirror every day and see that what you see is the most delicious feeling there. If you haven’t had that feeling before, give it a try! Live with this wonderful person that you are as best you can. When you accept yourself, you liberate yourself in an indescribable way.

Without mentioning the name of Mara Maravilha, Galisteu ended the post saying that people should respect and love each other.

“Not letting insecure people bring you down is an act of love with yourself. Respect yourself above all else! Don’t accept less than you deserve! Love yourself first? I know it’s not easy sometimes, but do it. Your homework, a mantra and believe me, it works!” Look at me and my nose is happy!”

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