June 29, 2022
Galisto says Ruggiero and Baronesa will be fired

Galisto says Ruggiero and Baronesa will be fired

RecordTV showed the battle sequence which ended with Ruggiero and Baronesa eliminated in “Power Couple”. In addition to Baronsa’s husband, Matthews, Hudson, and Kartoloko were the main parties involved.

a reality The couple’s announcement showed the withdrawal. Ruggiero noted, “It’s complicated for two weeks. There are no conditions to live with Cartoloko. In order not to lose my head, I give up the program with a pain in my heart.”

“We are leaving because of everything that has happened. Our mental health and our children are worth so much more. There is no way to stay here,” Barronsa added afterwards.

Presenter Adriane Galisteu commented on the elimination: “Even if they don’t give up, they’ll end up being kicked out. Rogério violated a basic rule in this game. He endangered the physical integrity of another participant.”

Outside the house, Ruggiero punched a window while trying to hit Cartoloko. Program security guards were called and surrounded the participant after the operation.

what happened?

Ruggiero and Kartoloko exchanged provocations after MC Gui’s parents return home. The journalist was nicknamed “Vladimir Putin” by his fellow prisoner.

After that, Kartoloko tried to advance towards Ruggiero, claiming to have provoked Gabi, his housemate. It was contained by Mosonzinho, Father Lanza and other participants.

“Nothing,” the journalist said before throwing a glass of water in his direction, before Ruggiero. “I’ll kill myself. Let him go,” he asked during the discussion, threatening to attack Cartoloko. After his departure, Ruggiero said he was determined to give up on the reality show.

Screams were also consistent among participants Hudson, Matthews, and Brenda. The couple provoked the other participants after returning from the Dominican Republic, which angered the former footballer. football.

“You’re not going to get peace,” Hudson said when he confronts Matthews. The post continued yelling and insulting Brenda’s husband. She was also angry at the situation and argued with the athlete.

The fight lasted for minutes. Brenda threatened to spit on the participants, but did not complete the act. Hudson also provoked Matthews, claiming that he had already assaulted the women.

Only at the end of the battle sequence does Record show Ruggiero announcing his withdrawal to the other participants and looking for another conversation with Kartoloko. He broke the window after trying to hit the journalist.

“Didn’t you say you’d have my wife?” Kartolaluko continued.

Inside the “Power Couple” mansion