December 6, 2023
Galisto scolds the biwas during the draw for the race

Galisto scolds the biwas during the draw for the race

Ahead of tonight’s Test Fire draw, Adrian Gallisto reprimands people who question the production of “farm 2022” (RecordTV).

On the live broadcast of the drawing procedure, the presenter spoke to the walker: “I want to chat with you first. As always, I see all the movements, and I listen to everything you say. Talk about distrust of the information that has been given.” She continued, “Girls, I understand that Deolan’s departure affected you because she’s such a strong bond there. But I want to ask everyone one thing: respect for me as a presenter, respect for this TV station making 70 next year guided by credibility, and regarding the production of this show that It is already in its 14th season, this kind of situation is unacceptable.We suggest that we will invent a story about someone getting sick to cheat you for some reason, and she said “This is not acceptable”.

“For those who believe in our credibility, we will continue the game. For those who don’t, they already know which way to go. We will not accept this kind of situation in our relationship. Our relationship is based on trust,” Galisteo said. Muranguinho refuted the announcer: “Actually, no one suspected the anchor of lying about the news. We think they used this to get Deolan out of here, because they see that something is wrong,” the woman said.

“I’ve already suggested manipulation by the station, because we’re listening,” Galisto said. Muranguinho denied: “This news, and it’s not true. They probably said this to the announcer to remove Deolane because of something they’re watching,” she said. “The information that matters to you is what comes from within you. Once we pass that information on to you, we believe that you return that trust to us. Everything you are told is not manipulated, it’s true,” said the presenter.

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