October 7, 2022
Galisto speaks out after Brenda's accusation against TV News production

Galisto speaks out after Brenda’s accusation against TV News production

Adriane Galisteu gave a message to Power Couple Brasil 6 husbands after Brenda Picasso accuses reality production to be a liar. The broadcaster denied that Mosonzinho had received any warning by pushing Matthews Sampaio. “To stop this matter once and for all,” the record contractor highlighted.

Galisteu’s letter is featured in this Monday edition (20). Earlier, the lieutenant colonel appeared in the Palace of Power Hide from PlayPlus subscribers Broadcasting platform for broadcaster.

“Love, a recurring theme in recent days is this discussion about production that caught Mosonzinho’s attention because of his shoulder blades. To make it clear what was going on, to stop this topic forever, there was no exclusive alert at any point. Presenter Mosonzinho and Carol, at any time started of times because of any impulse.”

Finally, Adriane emphasized that production would step in when it noticed any aggressive behavior or that could lead to bigger problems in minors. “As has been done before, whenever we notice any action that harms the game or harms any of you, we will take the appropriate action.”

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