November 30, 2023
Galliot says goodbye to the presidency

Galliot says goodbye to the presidency

The boss leaves, enters the admirer, who owns a company in the field of key and locks. Galliot knows he will remain a political reference in the club, but he wants comfort. Until further notice, he does not see himself acting in the management of Leila Pereira.

“My main place will be in the stands, as a natural fan. The fan is always there and always will be. The boss is a period. I am a fan from start to finish, when I was born until the last day. who, as President, would be a natural member of the COF, the “Senate” Palmeiras.

“My duty as a former president is to help, to support, in a time of need to be able to contribute, to always be in my place, but to be available. I will have my way of behaving in the club as I have done all my life, trying to help Palmeiras”.

And outside the club? Galliot, after all, gained immense national fame with Palmeiras. Perhaps a position in the club league in the future?

“I can’t answer that question. If something comes up that I can contribute to, that is interesting for football, for me, I finally understand that there is a possibility to contribute to my experience, I think it is possible. But I have nothing directed, I did not think of anything on Launch, except for Palmeiras. Now, I think it could happen? Could. But at the moment I’m not saying anything,” he said.

“I see the formation of the league with great optimism,” he said. “Maybe it will take longer, but there are meetings and there is work in this direction and in a short period we have to form a group to run Brazil.”