August 8, 2022
Gallo director confirms the launch of the third shirt: 'Beautiful and different'

Gallo director confirms the launch of the third shirt: ‘Beautiful and different’

Photo: Reproduction / TV Galo

Leandro Figueiredo said there will be a fourth shirt in 2022

Atlético’s business director, Leandro Figueiredo, said the club and Adidas will launch the third jersey in October. The manager did not want to provide any information about the new jersey, but said it would be nice and different.

“I can’t give spoiler Nothing, because we have a confidentiality agreement with Adidas. What can I say, the shirt is very beautiful. It’s different, everything is different,” Figueiredo said in an interview. dog podcast.

“We will launch in October. We will have the number 3 shirt and he has worked with Adidas.”

In addition, Figueiredo said that there will be another shirt coming out in 2022. “The No. 1 shirt is hard to move. But if you do a third shirt that surprises me I shoot a fourth shirt, it will be great, right!? So get ready for this year.”

“We will even call it the fourth (promotional) uniform,” he added.

At the beginning of July, it was Athlete They released striped and white models. The main set includes a shirt with black and white stripes, a black sleeve and the traditional three shoulder adidas stripes. The black boot and the mid-section both bear the adidas symbol as well as the German brand’s stripes.

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Uniform No. 2 is all white, with black stripes on the shoulder of the shirt, on the side of the boot and on the top center.