September 29, 2023
Galvão's new contract with Globo includes an 'advertising partnership'

Galvão’s new contract with Globo includes an ‘advertising partnership’

The life contract that Galvão Bueno will sign with Globo from January 2023 contains some great clauses for both parties, according to vertical Discover.

The contract will be automatically renewed and provided exclusively with Grupo Globo for open, closed and streaming TVs.

As predicted this column on September 11th. A documentary series about Galvão on Globoplay is already in pre-production.

In the case of other platforms, such as YouTube, he is free to create his own channel, work with other channels (such as Felipe Neto) and even invest in new stars (sports or not).

In the case of advertising, the contract provides for two types of settlement:

1 – If agencies and advertisers look to Globo because they want the narrator and journalist to be a poster boy, he and the broadcaster will split the fee in half (or something close to that);

two – For brands that Galvão himself gets to work in advertising, the fee will be entirely for him; It cannot, of course, search for advertisers belonging to the latter Globo group.

In the campaign by the most famous sports broadcaster ever for Ambif in the Qatar Cup, he should single-handedly earn about R$15 million. Globo’s share value is not yet known.

Like the UOL Esporte published last SaturdayGalvão has Covid and has been hospitalized in São Paulo, but without risks: he is already in full recovery and should be discharged later this week.

the other side

Sot, Globo, through CGCom, denied that the professional’s contract was for life. The group also does not disclose the amounts paid (whether accurate or not) by advertisers to their stars.

However, Globo always reveals to the market the value of the ad stakes it sells for programs like BBB Or the cup itself.

Nine contributors Cup 2022 It should generate about 1 billion R$ to Globo, According to “Notícias da TV” published in August🇧🇷

“We don’t separate information from our commercial projects,” CGCom says.

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