September 24, 2022
Game Pass family plan leaked;  know more

Game Pass family plan leaked; know more

Popular in the world of gamers, a Microsoft subscription, available on both consoles and PCs, may be quite modern to consumers.

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The family model, is very popular in the world of subscribers, especially in the world of broadcasting where sharing enhances the plan and becomes preferred over other options and Microsoft He seems to have noticed the same thing.

What was the leak?

On August 27 (Saturday), through Twitter, a page focused on Microsoft content updates, which often focuses on the Xbox platform, leaked an image with “Friends and Family” written, just below the Gamepass icon image, translated, “Friends and Family,” causing It means that the subscription can be shared with more people at once.

Novelty is useful for PC franchisees

This process is accessible to subscribers who play the PC version of Game Pass, because they are not able to game At the same time, as was possible on Xbox, each required a shared profile. On the console, when an account is activated as “primary,” there is permission for the user to share their games with their friends and an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

The same thing happens with Game Pass, however, only one person can have the profile as the main profile. The family plan is expected to support up to 4 people, in addition to the owner.

Game Pass prices and popular games

For gamers, the first month on PC costs $5. Another popular version is Ultimate, which players can play on their mobile phones or tablets via the cloud. In subsequent months, the subscription was set at R$29.

The subscription also includes EA Play and Live Gold. Great games like Forza, Gears of War, and Halo, which are exclusive to Xbox, can also be accessed on both platforms. The same thing happens with games produced by EA, such as Battlefield saga, The Sims, and FIFA.