Games of la Francophonie: Nadine Girault opens the door to a bonus

Jeux de la Francophonie: Nadine Girault entrouvre la porte à une bonification

MONTREAL — The minister of international Relations and la Francophonie, Nadine Girault, half-opened the door to a bonus of the amount that could be allocated for the holding of the francophone Games in Sherbrooke, in 2021.

At the end of a speech before more than 500 guests gathered by the Conseil des relations internationales de Montréal (CORIM), Friday, Mrs. Girault has, however, shown great caution in giving directly the ball in the camp of Ottawa.

When questioned about this, the minister first said that the folder was still the subject of discussions with the Trudeau government, with whom it should talk next week about it.

Then, pressed as to the possibility of paying more than the limit of $ 17 million that it had set last week, Ms. Girault said: “we will see with the discussions”.

She hastened to add the usual reserve of not to go beyond “the ability to pay of the people” and stick to “a healthy management of public finances”, but added that it looked forward “to see what Ottawa is ready to put on the table, too.”

Sherbrooke, who had been runner-up in 2016 to receive these Games, became a candidate by default after the withdrawal of Moncton, New Brunswick because, precisely, of the swelling costs.

Initially, the bill was to rise to $ 54 million, but the cost has now reached $84 million.

However, the City of Sherbrooke, who had planned to allocate $ 8.5 million in its initial filing of nomination, does not intend to spend only $ 5.5 million, which, with the commitment of $ 17 million in Quebec, would leave an invoice salt of more than $ 61 million to the federal government.

Last week in Ottawa, as the minister responsible for the Francophonie, Mélanie Joly, as his colleague in international Development, Marie-Claude Bibeau, swept the back of the hand, this financial set-up, asking Quebec to be more serious in his approach.

Ottawa has already committed to filling half of the budget required, but not three-quarters as would be the case with the sums advanced by Sherbrooke and Quebec city.

Time is of the essence, however: the orientation Council of the international Committee of the Francophonie (CIJF) recommended last week to revive the call for nominations Games of 2021, and already, the French city of Nantes has expressed interest.



MONTREAL – Quebec confirms its intention to create an “Institute of diplomacy” in order to form a corps of professional diplomats, and both specialised in the field of politics than in business.

The minister of international Relations and la Francophonie, Nadine Girault, has confirmed during a speech in front of more than 500 guests gathered, Friday, at the invitation of the Conseil des relations internationales de Montréal (CORIM).

A working document, unveiled in early February by The canadian Press, indicated the intention of the government Legault to reform its ways of doing business in the field of international relations, starting with a selection of staff who would be more connected to his competency as to his political affiliations.

Invited to clarify its intentions at the end of his speech, the minister Girault indicated that the form of this future Institute of diplomacy remained to be clarified, not rejecting even the option of a virtual Institute.

However, his intention is firm “to professionalize the service and to ensure that the people we send in diplomacy to be better trained”.

The minister intends to draw on the practices of other countries, many of which have this type of institution to train diplomats.

“Now, this is a bit random, she lamented in a press meeting. They are sent to, and congratulations, good luck and go for y. It must do more, we must do better”, she argued.

Nadine Girault does not preclude the possibility of see this teaching serve not only to the training of future diplomats, but also to the continuous training of employees already in service, noting in passing that there was already, in the public service, international advisers “who are already working at the international level, but who don’t really have an access to these posts-there” in the delegations and offices of Québec abroad.

To take a turn more economical

In her remarks, Ms. Girault has also placed much emphasis on the intention of his government to take advantage of the opening of the markets, saying that to “realize the full potential of Québec in the world it is, today, to take a turn more economic”.

It has been argued that recent trade agreements with Asia and Europe offered to québec businesses a potential of one billion new consumers. “Is this what we can really afford to do without this?” she launched her audience.

Mrs Girault argues that a good share of obstacles to advances to the foreigner resides within the quebec delegations and of the bureaucracy, in the sense that actors from various backgrounds and departments do not work together and, worse still, do not work with agencies devices that also work in the field of economic development at the international level.

“We need to put structures in place that will ensure that people will have to work together. This is not normal as you enter a mission, in Europe or somewhere in a foreign country and that we have three missions, which are presented in the same country to meet almost the same people within a month and a half”, she said.

On this subject, it is aimed more specifically at SMES.

“We have a job to do to help small businesses: small businesses who want to get the international do not know how to go there, do not know what to do, don’t know which door to knock. This is what it must work.”

Ms. Girault is working to develop a “strategy for the conquest of foreign markets” it promises to present and implement no later than the winter of 2020.

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