December 3, 2022
Gao, from Ratos de Burao, called Digão to "hit him"

Gao, from Ratos de Burao, called Digão to “hit him”

guitar player vault miceZhao, called Digão singer and guitarist from Raymundus, to resolve the differences between both ranges “na porrada”. The musician took it up recently video Posted on social media.

In the footage, Jão refers to several publications in which Digão and Ratos’ singer himself, João Gordo, exchange provocations. The two have exchanged public criticism in recent years, and according to the guitarist, Raimundus’ comments extended to Ratus.

As written by initially stated:

“It seems that Digão do Raimundos, in his lack of musical inspiration – if he had any – the way he set out to show was to keep attacking my band and my bandmates. So, I’ll tell you. I know he’s coming to you because I don’t follow you here – by the way, We don’t follow fascists, we go after them. Wash your mouth with soap to talk about my squad.”

Subsequently, a member of Ratos de Porão made an unusual invitation:

“It has been over forty years in history that an illegal person like you wanted to discredit my team. Here I am giving you a public challenge. Let us both in the ring and fight. Let’s see if you guarantee for yourself, if that’s all there is to the internet. .

If you don’t want to fight and want to fight like an old bang bang movie, we do too, because you’re a victory, right? You must have some weapons there. It’s not a horror for us, this is Ratos de Burao, look, you bastard? Here it is created on the streets of São Paulo. We didn’t have a driver or a nanny, so wash your mouth with soap and talk about my band.”

Finally, an occasion is mentioned where Digão was in the same place as the members of the Ratos de Porão.

“The other day he bumped into me there, bumped into Gordo on a ride there and got c# in his hand, right? Fucking internet guy. That’s how you are.” […] Patience is over, brother. Respect is good and everyone loves it. […] If you want to see the hollow, just open your head in the middle and you’ll see you idiot.”

So far, Digão has not commented on the content. Check out the shots below.

Joao Gordo, Ratos de Burao and Degao

Recently, João Gordo and Digão participated in other discussions on social networks. In 2021, When he was called “reaction rocker” during an interview Written by Bi Lu, a former member of Restart, the leader of Raimundus not only replied to him, but also Other musicians who have already criticized himlike Lucas Silvera (Fresno) and Gordo himself.

The case caused internal tension in Raimundus to a large extent Who is the bassist Kanesu says? That the colleague was “freaking out” in the middle of the pandemic,” “fighting with half the scene” and “even calling Joao Gordo as a suitcase.” To Flow Podcast, Gordo Claimed to have “no beef” with Raimundus attacker.

“No beef with Digão. There is no. To be honest, I never liked him. I cut my hair because the guy from Restart (Pe Lu) took a hair from it, and he said it was a reaction. […] And he’s been making some statements of denial for some time.”

to me FabulousSinger Ratos de Burao has stated that he will support Lula in the elections, after voting invalid several times for the current president, Jair Bolsonaro, “will not win again”. to me same gateDigão has stated that he is not Bolsonarista, but has claimed that he can vote for him. “I go in there and I will vote for whoever I think is the worst. If Bolsonaro is the only one who has it, then I will have to vote for him.

Recently, Joao Gordo and Dijao teased each other again on social networks. Lead singer of Ratos de Burao comparison Raimundos leader to character Rei Tut – the evil Batman who believes he is the pharaoh of ancient Egypt – after the musician said that Ratos de Burao was “against the system” and “today they are staunch supporters of the greatest political bandit in Brazilian history, the MTST”.

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