September 24, 2023
ICMS on diesel fixed by Confaz and gasoline at frozen price

Gasoline beats R$8.99 and diesel R$8.63, according to the National Ports Agency.

New data from the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) shows that the price of gasoline At gas stations, it reaches R$8.99, while diesel costs R$8.63. The latest adjustment announced by Petrobras would dampen expectations of price cuts with the ICMS cap.

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The National Ports Agency survey was conducted between June 12 and 18, ie the last Modify You haven’t even reached the bombs yet. This only indicates that in the coming weeks the new values ​​may exceed the prices paid per liter of gasoline and diesel.

Gasoline at gas stations

According to the latest adjustment announced by Petrobras, the increase is 5.18% for gasoline and 14.26% for diesel. According to the data of the National Ports Agency, among the most high The research indicated liters of gasoline at gas stations in Goiania.

The value found by the ANP was R$8.39 in the capital of Goiás. The most expensive fuel was found at R$8,990, and the cheapest liter of gasoline was R$6,170. The survey was conducted at more than 5,000 petrol stations in Brazil.

Regarding diesel, the average price in Brazil was R$6906. Despite this, the National Ports Agency found that diesel is being sold at R$8,630 at some gas stations. The lowest value recorded was 5,640 BRL.

Show ethanol shorthand In prices, a fall of 1.84%. Variation is high from one region to another in the country. There are those who pay as much as R$7,890 while the cheapest sell for R$3,890.

The price paid per liter does not depend on the value declared by Petrobras, as is also the case taxes and profits for distributors and sellers. That’s why resets always cost drivers more.