September 25, 2022
Gasoline is cheaper for distributors from Tuesday |  Economie

Gasoline is cheaper for distributors from Tuesday | Economie

The Petrobras This Tuesday (16) reduced the price of gasoline sold to distributors by 4.85%. The price per liter ranges from 3.71 BRL to 3.53 BRL per liter, with a reduction of 0.18 BRL per liter.

Prices for other fuels have not changed.

A liter of gasoline was sold to distributors at a price of 3.71 Brazilian riyals Since the last reduction on July 29. In the year, fuel still accumulates at a high rate of 14.24%.

in July, Gasoline was on average 15.48% cheaper at the pumpsAccording to the data of the National Consumer Price Index (IPCA). However, at 12 months, it still accumulates 5.64%. The drop in prices in the month was mainly driven by Limiting ICMS RatesState fuel tax.

The weekly price survey conducted by the National Petroleum Agency (ANNP), however, were not released for two weeks, After trying to attack the agency’s systems.

Petrobras announces further reduction in the price of gasoline

“This reduction follows the evolution of reference prices and is consistent with Petrobras’ pricing practice, which seeks to balance its prices with the global market, but without transferring situational fluctuations in international prices and the exchange rate to domestic prices,” the state-owned company says in a note.

Petrobras also states that given the mandatory mixture of 73% of gasoline A and 27% of anhydrous ethanol to make up gasoline sold at service stations, Petrobras’ share of the consumer price will increase from R$2.70, on average, to R$2.57. per liter sold at the pump.