November 28, 2023

Gasoline rises 9% and becomes more expensive in all regions –

The price of a liter of petrol was sold at an average of R$5.88 in the first half of March (1 to 13), up more than 9% compared to February, according to Ticket Register Price Index (IPTL). This indicator is calculated based on refueling at 21,000 authorized ticket register stations, which manage one million vehicles, with an average of eight transactions per second.

This is the first poll by Ticket Log after the federal fuel taxes were reinstated. The exemption began in Jair Bolsonaro’s government to reduce inflation, and was extended by two months in Lula’s government.

In a note, Edenred Brasil’s general manager of mobility, Douglas Pina, said the recent reduction in the price of petrol, by 3.93%, announced by Petrobras on February 28, was not enough to curb the increases observed at stations. from all states and the Federal District.

In the regional analysis, increases range from 8.5% in the Southeast, where gasoline closed at R$5.65, the lowest average among regions, to 9.85% in the North, where fuel sold at R$6.23, the highest national average. Price.

In the analysis by state, the increases were greater than 4% in all states. The biggest increase was in Amazonas, where fuel increased by 16.25% and went from R$5.63 to R$6.55. However, the highest average price was set in Roraima at R$6.63 and the lowest in Paraiba at R$5.40.

The average price of ethanol also increased and closed the two weeks at an average of R$4.60, an increase of 3.81% compared to the previous month. Increases by region were 5.16%, as was the case in the North, where fuel closed at R$5.01, the highest average price among regions.