September 24, 2023
Gaviões fires the vice president accused of receiving money from a Corinthians advisor

Gaviões fires the vice president accused of receiving money from a Corinthians advisor

On Friday, Javes da Viel decided to exclude Alexandre Jacobina, Vice President of the “Jarau” entity, from his membership. The decision was prompted after an alleged agreement with Jacinto Antonio Ribeiro, “Gasa”, Corinthians’ lifelong advisor, with a strong influence on the club’s core classes.

The accusations refer to the payment of R$10,000 from Jaça to Jarrão in exchange for Gaviões da Fiel’s silence over the management of the main groups in the mass protests. It was decided to exclude the vice president of the organization in the assembly on Friday evening and the information was published by Gorgeous and confirmed My Timon.

The report also gained access to receipts for transfers to Jarrão, which were made on behalf of LLASPORTS10, which operates in the athletes’ agency. In the Sao Paulo State Board of Commerce, the company appears as Anderson da Silva, whom the report contacted via advising, but did not respond.

Jaça was already the target of last year’s Gaviões da Fiel protests. According to members of the organization, the agreement between Gasha and the vice-president of the organization was aimed at removing the name of the chancellor from the demonstrations and removing the base from the spotlight.

a report My dream He gained access to an audio clip allegedly sent by Jarau, where he explains how he managed to remove Jaça from the protest epicenter. There are no other details about the interlocutor in the conversation, nor the date of transmission.

“Brother, in the Save the Corinthians movement of all the fans, there is the idea of ​​doing the protest against Jaça specifically. I removed focus and fired one against Roberto de Andrade to get out of his radius. Brother, only one thing I would say to you: Be careful when you talk to whoever is close to him. Things are crazy, brother,” Jarrao said, in the voice message.

It is worth noting that Gavić da Viel is organizing a protest on March 12. The main agenda is the resignation of football director Roberto de Andrade, which Garao conveyed in the audio recording.

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