February 6, 2023

Gems from Mars found by NASA are also found on Earth

the NASAThe US Space Agency has discovered the presence of the gemstone opal on the surface of Mars. The rover was responsible for the discovery curiousitya space exploration rover that has been operating on Mars since 2012.

The mineral can only be found in Australia and Brazil. In Brazilian territory, gems have been explored at Pedro II, in Piauí, 206 kilometers from Teresina.

Gemstones may be favorable to astronauts

The study suggests that different subterranean fracture networks would have provided conditions that were “more habitable” than those at the surface. Because the gemstone is rich in H₂O, it can, if ground and exposed to heat, release water.

Travis Gabriel, a US government research physicist, said: “Given the extensive networks of fractures that have been detected in Gale Crater, it is reasonable to expect that these potentially habitable subsurface conditions will extend to other regions of the crater and possibly other regions of Mars.” “.

Researchers believe that the discovery of opals on Mars will benefit future astronauts. In addition, exploration efforts can take advantage of these water resources.

History of agate in Brazil

Opal was discovered in Brazil in 1969, in Pedro II, Piauí, by a farmer while harvesting cassava. It is in this city that the only national reserve of noble opals is installed, which is considered the second largest in the world.

Gem mining became the “economic base” of the area, with activities such as jewelry making and mining. About 10 mines are still active in the municipality and they have already generated millions in the local economy.