March 30, 2023

General alert to Nubank customers

Nubank issues a note about the controversy involving the bank and fintech customers that need attention. Check out the alert!

investment fund nubank known as There is no immediate reservation In recent days, with a loss of nearly 180,000 shareholders, the total withdrawals amounted to more than R$ 800 million. This happened after American billionaire escapeThat directly affected some investors in the fixed income product.

Nu Reserva Immediata acts as an emergency reserve for Nubank customers. However, even with low risk, it depreciated the currency due to the presence of Americana assets in the fund’s stakes.

In short, those who had some value in their investment and were looking for a lower but predictable return may have lost their money. Understand the following case better.

The reason for the loss of money by the Nu Reserva Immediata investors is because the fund has been used as a lender to the Americana retailer. That is, when the company lost its market value, the investment of some of the investors who invested in the fund decreased.

However, Nubank still has the largest number of shareholders in the country in this method, with 1.1 million investors and more than R$2 billion in capital under its responsibility.

Last year, the profitability of Nu Reserva Immediata was higher than that of Selic Treasury, that is, it made good gains for investors, and managed to deliver 108% CDI on average.

Now, even with the delicate issue of controversy surrounding Americana, Nubank reports that there is still financial toughness and an ability to weather the effects of what happened.

A note from Nubank seeks to calm investors

According to an official note from Nu Asset Management, “Nu Reserva Immediata is already showing a recovery, with a sequential record of positive equity value. We reaffirm that this fund is following a path of long-term profitability, supported by an asset diversification strategy.

In short, clients financial technology A more complex analysis of the investments needs to be done, given that the fund has already delivered excellent returns in just over a year of its life. Moreover, only 18.61% of the funds were exposed to bonds from companies such as Americana.

Finally, Nu Reserva Imediata has significant differences for some investor profiles, such as an initial investment of R$1 and a management fee of just 0.3% per annum.

Photo: Disclosure/Nobank