Geneva holds its Christmas market

FêtesSoir inauguration Thursday to the Bastions. The park in the centre of the city, as you have never seen it. The popular success is already waiting for you.

Genève tient enfin son marché de Noël

Video: Lorraine Fasler

Yes, it is beautiful, yes, it is magical, yes, it is totally successful. Triple validation is enthusiastic to greet the Christmas market, the first of that name to the Bastions. This park that we believed to know by heart to be discovered since Thursday evening in the exhibition are totally new. The vow of the administrative adviser Guillaume Barazzone has been granted. He wanted a place of open-air actually a unifying and festive event, in this city – hers, ours – deemed sad at the threshold of the winter; he and his legitimate satisfaction, at the time of the inauguration, on Thursday in the early evening, on the terrace of the chalet fondue, which is shared without reservation by the greatest number.

The people, moreover, have not waited for the speeches brief and cheerful, to appropriate this market is long overdue. At the end of the day, the aisles of the Bastions are filled and the animations used in particular for children – the kings of the park on the first evening – are taken over. The web of entertainment is to join a ride to the old with yurts, a beautiful size, in which one enters, taking off his shoes, the whole reconstructed aligning harmoniously on the seasonal rink and its ice surface.

This Christmas market doesn’t count that set designers inspired, it also has its stage managers and lighting designers. It has a bit the impression that the trades of the opera have all passed through the New square to come and exercise their know-how on the shelf giant open pit. On each side, behind-the-scenes to view, the paths to the simple geometry that one borrows without praying in the back rows of cabins, stopping in a kind of loggia, where wood burns and heats the one on which we sit.

Everything here seems designed to make an appointment with you, betting on the user-friendliness spontaneous of these spaces, which we tend the hand. “I take”, say with a single voice, the visitors appropriating this furniture down from the mountain these bars for all that have nothing to VIP, even if the light cascade of trees shows it is awfully rewarding. The kingdom of the LED: it will have to come back to tell this technical data sheet here; and take the time to identify the thousand and one details that make the difference in the “deco” general.

There is already one, it is peripheral, but essential. The ungrateful containers using a public toilet, located at the entrance of the park, away from the chess players, now have a double neon sign in capital letters – WC –, fitting with the typography of the market. It is a gift, thank you to this Father Christmas of the little corners.

Even if the comparison with other similar events, also in Switzerland, does not play on this specific point, we can still be optimistic about the success within the duration of this Christmas market. It competes with Lausanne or Zurich, and promises to attract many of the world until December 31. A single day of release announced – slight regret – that of Christmas day. They will be returned well before.


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