January 28, 2023
Genshin Impact announces controversial changes, news, and free item codes in a new update

Genshin Impact announces controversial changes, news, and free item codes in a new update

This Friday (12/11) Chinese company MiHoYo lead a He lives Shows all the news brought by version 2.3 of the game which is the most important one in its catalog: the free MMO RPG game Jinshin effect. New update will be available today November 24 And it will introduce significant changes, both for the date and for the Play And other systems in the title.

Banners version 2.3

A lot has already been speculated on the internet about the characters that will be available in Even in 2.3. MiHoYo had to end this discussion by posting character versions on their social networks Guru NS Ito.

Guru He played an important role during the last released part of the arc inazuma And he was already known by the players, but Eto’o, a that they With an attractive and seemingly irritable personality, it’s a complete novelty. It will be the focus of the update’s further mission, which is its first official appearance in the game. We can check below teaser From both characters:

But, before the possibility of Gorou – who would be a 4-star character – and Ito come to our accounts, a Signboard The promo will be released with the return of not just one 5-star character already released, but two: yola and chemist Albedo.

This will be the first promotional banner for the update, marking the advent of the double banners. The next sign up to December 15, can reward players with Itto or Gorou.

Alchemist Albedo will be one of the first highlights of version 2.3

Change in banners

This is new Signboard Everyone was surprised to bring about a major change in their system. Even – Possibility to have two different high-ranking characters in one promotional banner. This change sparked controversy among players, who saw some problems with this new process for those who do not invest money in the character drawing system and would like more time to collect gems and experience both characters offered.

The Genshin Impact Update will feature two 5-star characters in the same logo between November 24 and December 15

But there are also those who advocate change, as this will speed up the return of beloved characters that, by chance, cannot be acquired in their own versions, nor will it delay the release of new characters.

Other news in Genshin Impact 2.3

In addition to the change in the system EvenTwo new plots have been announced that will shape the character traits: ocean hoyd clam, which will focus on increasing the character’s life and Peel luxurious dreams, which will give the character you use defense bonuses.

Changes to the teapot system, new events and the return of two known to the public were also announced. new President Element Geographical And the mission that will continue the main plot story is also among the new features that 2.3 has brought.

Free Material Codes

As usual, the MiHoYo It has also released three different codes that offer various free gifts within the game, among which are the highly sought-after gems that allow the acquisition of new characters:




Remember that tokens are usually only available for a little more than 24 hours For players, hurry up if you want to get your free gifts!

but you? What do you think about all this that the new version of the game heralds? We want to read your opinion in the comments!

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