June 3, 2023
"Faca", Geraldo Luís expõe o que funcionárias fizeram, convoca polícia e Bacci: "Estou sendo ameaçado"

Geraldo Luis denounces the staff and calls the police: ‘I am threatened’

The presenter mocked the employees who did not give him a gift and joked with a threat

After being given a retro radio by a manicurist, last Monday (23), Geraldo Luis joked with his other employees For not giving him something, saying they threaten him with a knife after exposure, until they call Louise Bache to analyze the situation.

But calm down! It was all just a joke between the registry contractor and his staff.s, and from the videos posted on Instagram stories, it was possible to notice that he had an inconsistent relationship with all the girls.

Geraldo Luis began the sequence of radio recordings and thanked the girl. “You remember, I liked him. Look at the poor girls over there. You are amazing!” he shouted, leaving a hint in the air for his other two maids.

“I’m getting threatened, look at Dennis’ knife. Books: Police, call Luis Bache, Cidade Alerta. “Thank you Elda, I remembered. At least I have a radio. Sisters ungrateful… cfamily suites. Go with God! ”, concluded the balance sheet leader Saturday edition.

Geraldo Luis presents a threat from employees (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

There is so much love!

The gift received was most likely a souvenir for Geraldo Luis’ birthday, which was celebrated on May 13. The delay in delivery is due precisely to the fact that he decided to travel with his life partner, his son John Sacra, to Portugal.

As soon as New Year’s Day began, he posted a photo next to the heir and thanked him for the chance to live, after he had gone through serious complications from Covid-19.

“Here it is already May 13th…Thank God for life! The Day of Our Lady of Fatima who enlightens me and protects me so much. To celebrate life, I have come to thank you after all that I have been through and survived,” the spokesperson stated.

Geraldo Luis
John Sacra was with Geraldo Lewis, of Record, while he was hospitalized for Covid-19 (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

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