July 14, 2024

Gil Do Vaikor is shocked when he reveals the difficulties in the United States during his PhD

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Gil do Vigor, Gilberto Nogueira from BBB 2021
Gil Do Vigor reveals the difficulties he faced abroad during his PhD (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Kill to malice He revealed to the fans the experience of living outside of Brazil to study. Last Tuesday (28), the former spoke about a number of subjects during the PPP 2021 live and revealed the difficulties he experienced in the US during his PhD in economics.

During the conversation, Gill said he felt he had been excluded from participating in a reality show. He felt isolated because he was rejected and felt inferior by the people.

“I thought I was excluded because of Big Brother. I passed it, it hurt me so much, it was so hard. It’s so sad: I isolated myself, my mom called me several times, and I did not answer. She was worried about not knowing how I was, so it was a very difficult time, I passed. Thank God, I had my Latin friends who I loved, who gave me a hand, who supported me. When I cried, I wanted to give up, I was going to make it, I was strong, I was strong, I said I would win it.Said the ex-brother.

Despite the difficult times, Gill said he would succeed and finish his PhD without any major problems. “Today I know how to handle it. I was going to finish my wonderful PhD, I learned a lot, but it was a process of a lot of suffering., Said Fame.

Kil Do Vigor reveals his luck after BBB 2021

Although he did not succeed in the Globo project, the economist earned millions in the few months he was expelled from the reality show. In an interview with Forbes magazine, the Bernambuco man said he had earned $ 15 million from his victory.

In addition to signing a contract with Globo, Gilberto also ran several advertising campaigns. He was the face of famous brands. “I have already earned R $ 15 million”, Said the ex-brother at the time.

Besides Gill, Juliet, the champion of the 21st edition of the PPP, was also a big hit. Despite the undisclosed values, he received more than the famous R $ 1.5 million prize pocket after the reality show.

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