February 28, 2024
Gilberto Braga's widower receives support from celebrities and fans after author's death · TV News

Gilberto Braga’s widower receives support from celebrities and fans after author’s death · TV News

Widower Gilberto Braga (1945-2021), Edgar Mora Brasil received support from celebrities and fans after the death of the series’ author on Tuesday night (26). Fans of the writer Vale Tudo (1988) left messages of affection on the architect’s social networks on Wednesday morning (27).

Mora’s last post was posted on her Instagram profile four weeks ago. In it, Braga’s longtime partner appears alone and in front of a painting by the Mona Lisa. “I’m sorry,” humorist Dada Coelho wrote in the post’s comments.

“My feelings,” said Lino Villaventura. “Receive my kiss, my love,” dedicated Marcello Cerrado. “My feelings, Edgar! The strength for better days,” wished fan Denis Nunes.

In a post released on December 31, 2013, the two appeared together at Pont des Arts, a tourist destination for couples in Paris. “Put the lock to close the appointment,” the architect explained in the caption.

Gilberto Braga and Edgar Moura Brasil only officially married in 2014, after more than 40 years together. The marriage was celebrated at the couple’s apartment in Arbador, Rio de Janeiro.

Gilberto Braga dies

Responsible for successful series such as Escrava Isaura (1976), Vale Tudo, Pátria Minha (1994), and Celebridade (2003), among many others that made Globo history, Gilberto Braga He died after suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. Since last Friday (23), the playwright has been hospitalized with an infection that occurred after esophageal perforation.

The writer’s nephew, Bernardo Araujo, told the G1 website that his uncle had developed other health problems in recent years, such as hydrocephalus, and had also undergone spinal and heart surgeries. He still had trouble walking. Braga will turn 76 next Monday (1).

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