January 27, 2023
Gilberto Gil: Feeling grateful for life after being elected to the Brazilian Academy de Letras |  Wonderful

Gilberto Gil: Feeling grateful for life after being elected to the Brazilian Academy de Letras | Wonderful

Gilberto Gil Elect immortal Brazilian Academy of Letters Last Thursday (11), in an exclusive interview, he talked about changes in elections, how he sees faith, and how he feels when he returns to concerts, in EuropeAnd the relationship with sons and grandsons who got into music as well. See the article above.

The elections took place a few days after November 20, Black Consciousness Day. Jill addressed the racial issue:

“When the Academy welcomes me, it welcomes the person you know who it is. My appreciation for the education of displaced blacks in Brazilian society. The problems related to this and the need to take a stand in relation to these problems, which has been a constant in my life.”

At the age of 79, Gilberto Gil was elected a member of the Academia Brasileira de Letras – Photo: Reproduction / Fantástico

I also expect, as with everyone else, that society as a whole will act more and more towards the academy, right? Defending democracy, defending pluralism, defending diversity, defending respect between the different layers of society. I think Brazilian society expects this kind of commitment from the academy more and more.

– Gilberto Gil, singer and immortal from ABL

At the age of 79, Gill returned to concerts and resided in Europe with his children and grandchildren. Fantástico host Poliana Abreta attended a performance in Portugal, and asked him about his return to the stage:

Afraid of never going on stage again, rightfully so, I wasn’t. But I had a certain fear of not being fully prepared to sit on stage, physically, in particular. The pandemic has been a very stressful moment from a physical and psychological point of view for all of us and everyone.

– Gilberto Gil, singer and immortal from ABL

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