August 19, 2022
Giovanna Eubank says she was not able to go up with her children to Portugal: 'She cries' |  pop art

Giovanna Eubank says she was not able to go up with her children to Portugal: ‘She cries’ | pop art

Giovanna Eubank He was not able to climb with his children and part of the family to Portugal. The actress and presenter shared the stand-up to Zian, the youngest son, on Instagram on Tuesday afternoon (26).

Giovanna explained in a video: “We were traveling to Portugal as a family. We woke up at 8 am, went to the airport. We arrived in Sao Paulo and could not ride.”

Confusion occurred at the airport on Monday (25th), from what she told the stories.

“I have Portuguese and Brazilian passports from Tite and Bliss. And only Xian is Portuguese. Now we are waiting for permission from Bruno, who is in Spain, for the child to travel with me.”

“We are in seven. We had to take the bag off the plane. She’s crying,” she commented.

Children under the age of 0 to 17 accompanied by parents or guardians do not need a special permit to travel abroad, a valid Brazilian passport suffices.

But, in Giovanna’s case, it was without her Bruno Gagliasuspouse and father of children, permission with a notarized signature is required, according to the Child and Adolescent Act (ECA).

The family is still in Sao Paulo waiting for the document to travel.

In the absence of either parent or guardian, both must provide a notarized document authorizing the trip.

This type of certificate is waived when the minor presents a valid passport with express permission to travel abroad without an accompaniment.