June 26, 2022
Giovanna Eubank stands in a thong and pulls her panties to the extreme

Giovanna Eubank stands in a thong and pulls her panties to the extreme

Giovanna Eubank has appeared in new photos (Image: clone/Instagram)

Giovanna Eubank I let the fans’ imaginations run wild. In Salvador, partner Bruno Gagliasso released new photos with a piece of thong that showed off his good shape and extreme sensuality.

In the records, the presenter who was until then in one season in Portugal, Her black panties were stretched out. Sweet and saucy look. With over 200,000 likes, there was no shortage of warm praise.

One of the children said, “Oh my God, I’m so passionate about this woman’s beauty.” “The most perfect thing in this world, knows how to make us crazy,” the last one completed.

more children

Mother of three, Giovanna Ebank Divide your precious time in favor of children and career. Through the question-and-answer box, she announced that she did not know if she would be able to deal with it if she had one more heir with Gagliasso.

“I don’t know if I can handle it, because everyone has a request. Caring for, educating and preparing for this crazy world we live in isn’t easy. And there’s still the emotional side to every little life, right, and I’m the kind of mother who always cares. Everything. Besides, I still have to try to take care of myself, and it’s hard to find the time for that, but I can one hour.”

new stage

In recent months, Giovanna moved with her family to Portugal with her children. In an interview with O . newspaper The blonde Globo said the epidemic was under control in the country, and that she would be closer to her husband Gagliasso, who was in Spain recording a series on Netflix.

“It will only take a few months, because both Bruno and I have professional commitments in Brazil starting in September and we will have to go back. I came happy that I was able to unite my family. But I am Brazilian, I care about my country and a large part of my family is still in Brazil, which makes my worry No less,” she said.

Away from TV series and open TV, the speaker has devoted herself to the YouTube channel. In conversation, she Revealed a good outlook with the new home. “Heart and professional meet. I see in Portugal an opportunity to create content for my channel, Gioh, because I can talk about the country while getting to know it better. When I realized that the channel had to win, there was no going back, because Bruno scores in Madrid”, he declared.

paying off:

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