September 30, 2023
Giuliano Cazari shows the face of his child with a rare disease and ventilation holes

Giuliano Cazari shows the face of his child with a rare disease and ventilation holes

Giuliano Cazari shows his newborn and asks for prayer

the actor Giuliano Cazzari He moved his followers by telling them how to treat his youngest daughter. He and his wife, a biologist and journalist, Leticia Cazariparents of little Maria Gilhermina, on the twenty-first of June.

The newborn is the youngest of five children. The couple has three boys and a girl. The eldest member of the family, Vicente, is 11 years old. The second child, Inácio, is 9 years old. The family is complete with baby Gaspar, 3, and little Maria Maddalena, 1 year and 5 months.

On the day he announced the birth of his baby, Kazari also reported that the baby needed heart surgery shortly after birth. This is because Maria Guillermina was born with a rare heart condition that was identified in pregnancy tests. According to the actor, it is a disease called Epstein anomaly which is a rare congenital heart disease.

Since June 21, the artist has been using his social media to inform his fans about the progress of his daughter’s treatment. “We are still here alongside our little warrior Maria Gilhermina. Tomorrow she is two weeks old. There were so many emotions and so many developments at that time,” he began to report. Giuliano Cazzari.

The actor explained, “She is recovering well and in the past few days she has received congratulations from her medical friends. The next step is extubation. I ask you to pray for her, that the extubation is successful and that she reacts well to the procedure.”

The pawn translator Alcides, the character of the re-recording of the TV series “Pantanal”, continued with the long and emotional text of thanks for all the prayers and messages of affection. He regretted the gossip and false news that he was going to be released from the series.

Cazari said: “In fact, I only took a few days off to accompany Gilhermina’s birth and early days. At that time I came back to Rio, recorded the series, spent it at home, and strongly joined Vicente, Inacio, Gaspar and Maddalena. I came back to Sao Paulo yesterday and will stay here for a few days, But soon, I will be back soon to continue recording Pantanal.

Giuliano Cazzari She ended the report by expressing her deep gratitude to the entire medical team looking after her newborn. He also thanked his relatives, staff and friends who supported and cared for his older children. “Without you, it would be impossible and unreasonable for us to come to Sao Paulo. And if we didn’t come here, Guilhermina would not have a chance to fight for her life,” he declared.

Giuliano Cazari shows the newborn with his wife and the ventilation holes

Instagram clone Giuliano Cazari shows his wife with newborn baby and air vents

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