March 31, 2023
Giuliano Cazari takes the children to meet his younger sister, who was born with a rare heart problem |  Nice

Giuliano Cazari takes the children to meet his younger sister, who was born with a rare heart problem | Nice

In this father’s day (14), and Nice The long-awaited moment appears by the family of actor Giuliano Cazari and his wife Leticia Cazari. Two of the couple’s sons finally met their younger sister, Maria Gilhermina, who was born with a rare heart disease.. Check it out in the video above.

Letizia stayed two months away from the couple’s four children (Vicente, Inacio, Gaspar and Maria Maddalena) to take care of Maria Gilhermina, in Sao Paulo. During this time, Cazarré stayed home in Rio with the children.

During pregnancy, Maria Guillermina was diagnosed with an infection Ebstein anomalyWhen A heart valve is forming in the wrong placewhich may interfere with passage of blood. It affects about 1 to 2% of all congenital heart diseases, according to Dr. Jose Pedro. “Some cases are so serious that the baby dies in the life of the fetus. It is not born,” the doctor explains.

The disease progressed to its most serious form and the birth of Maria had to be given for a month – Maria Gilhermina was born on June 21, her weight is 2.5 kg and 48 cm. The baby underwent heart surgery shortly after his birth. “The surgery took 10 hours,” recalls the actor who played Alcides in the TV series “Pantanal.”

“I actually asked to leave a glass of water there, because when the baby is born in danger of life, you can do this emergency baptism. So I baptized her, it was a very emotional moment,” says Kazari.

When asked if he ever thought his daughter would not survive, he replied, “I had hopes, but I didn’t know.”

Soon, Maria Gilhermina will undergo surgery again to permanently correct the problem. Until your new surgery, you’ll need to have periodic clinical evaluations.

Giuliano Cazari posted this Sunday (14):

“I brought the elderly by car to Sao Paulo to spend everything together father’s day And the birthday of Inacio, one of the sons, but the good God wanted things to go differently. Maria Gilhermina ended up needing emergency surgery. It worked, it works well and the first tests were very positive,” the actor wrote.

See the full report in the video.

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