January 31, 2023
Giuliano Cazari talks about his daughter's health in an interview with Fantástico

Giuliano Cazari talks about his daughter’s health in an interview with Fantástico


Giuliano Cazari and his wife, Leticia Cazari, spoke to Fantastico about the health of their daughter, Maria Gilhermina, who underwent surgery again this week.

Giuliano and Leticia Cazari with Maria Gilhermina in her lap
© Reproduction / GlobeGiuliano and Leticia Cazari with Maria Gilhermina in her lap

Giuliano Cazzari He and his wife, Letícia, gave an emotional interview to “Fantástico” on Sunday (14) to talk about the health condition of Maria Guilhermina, the couple’s youngest daughter, who was born with a rare heart problem. She was hospitalized again this weekend. He had to undergo another surgery.

The two-month-old had Ebstein’s anomaly, a very rare congenital disease, and soon after giving birth, she had to undergo surgery. In the interview, Giuliano and Leticia I told her she might not survive if she wasn’t taken care of in time. “Maria Gilhermina’s blood turned in her heart, it didn’t go to her intestines, it didn’t go to her kidneys, she was going to die,” the actor commented.

Because of the child’s health problem, The couple arranged for an emergency baptism, fearing that she might not survive the health problem.. The two assumed they didn’t know what might happen to her. “I had hope [da sobrevivência dela], but I did not know.” “Life needs people to live. We let five live and fight for that person to live too. “Life wants to be lived, I think that’s it,” he said.

Urgent admission and new surgery

Earlier, the actor, who plays Alcides in Pantanal, used his social media To announce that their youngest daughter, Maria Gilhermina, must be taken to hospital. The actor also said that the girl underwent another emergency surgery at the dawn of Father’s Day.

The artist explained that everything went well, But he made it clear that Maria Guillermina is still in the hospital. “Maria Guilhermina had complications yesterday and ended up needing emergency surgery this morning. The surgery was successful, thank God and the team of Beneficência Portugaluesa, especially Dr. Rodrigo Freire. Guilhermina is fine and sedated, and the first exams are very positive,” he said.