February 9, 2023
Gkay buys 'ruined' sneakers from Balenciaga for R$10,000: 'I can't believe it' |  Fashion and beauty

Gkay buys ‘ruined’ sneakers from Balenciaga for R$10,000: ‘I can’t believe it’ | Fashion and beauty

Influencer Gkay bought Balenciaga’s “Wrecker” shoes. The model sparked controversy upon its release because it costs R$10,000 even with its dirty appearance and the fact that it is ripped.

“I can’t believe it,” she said when showing the sneakers at Stories on Saturday (19). See the video below.

The release is the “extremely disruptive” version of Paris Sneaker. According to the luxury brand, only 100 units will be sold worldwide.

GKay buys ‘destroyed’ Balenciaga sneakers: ‘I’ll take a picture and look’

“Did you buy scrap metal?” asked his friend and influencer Alvexaro. Lucas Rangel also shared the video posted on Gkay’s profile, which notes that Balenciaga was pretty worn out and became “Palenciaga.”

The influencer from Paraíba has 19 million followers on Instagram and organizes “Jackai Lighthouse”a birthday party in Fortaleza that brings together dozens of celebrities.

In addition to showing off her daily life and work as an actress, Gkay often shares looks and productions with luxury pieces on social media, including other items from Balenciaga, one of her favorite brands.

Balenciaga releases sneakers that look like they’re ‘devastated’ – Photo: Reproduction

The smashed, ripped, and dirty sneaker was launched in May of this year.

On the website, the luxury brand highlighted the characteristics of the Paris Sneaker line.

Classic reworked design interprets mid-century athletics and Casual all-day wear in black, white or red with white rubber sole and toe cap. It is finished with a distressed cloth and rough edges, creating a pre-used look. The Balenciaga Paris sneaker comes with laces, whether it’s a high-top or a loafer. ”

There are options for high-quality sneakers for $625, about 3,200 R$, and low-top sneakers for $495, about R$2,500, according to Hypebeast.

Balenciaga’s new ‘devastating’ sneaker – Photo: clone / Balenciaga

According to “The Business of Fashion”, the “Peaceful” version has been destroyed, and only 100 pairs are available and The value can reach up to 10 thousand Brazilian riyals.

On the brand’s website you can find sneakers in blue, white and red colors.