February 1, 2023
Glass onion |  US theaters beg Netflix to expand shows

Glass onion | US theaters beg Netflix to expand shows

publication Glass Onion: The Mystery of a Knife It was a huge hit in American theaters, to the point where some networks begged to expand the show.

As part of the agreement with Cinemark🇧🇷 Regal Cinemas And AMC TheatersA Netflix The film was screened in only 600 theaters in the US from November 23 to 29.

The film grossed $15 million at the time, and theaters begged for an expanded run.

According to it, it turns out that VarietyA Netflix Rejected their request, thus the exhibition period Glass onions In US theaters.

Glass onion: Read more about the mystery of a knife

Glass Onion: The Mystery of a Knife Detective Benoit Blanc, hired only to investigate the most difficult cases, will not rest until he unravels what is behind this new crime. After solving the mysterious death of famed crime writer Harlan Thrombey, who was found dead inside his estate in the first film, Blank is back on the job, now to solve another case that’s just as strange.

The launch event will take place on December 23 Netflix🇧🇷

In addition Daniel Craig Returning to the role of detective Benoît Blanc, we’re here Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy), Edward Norton (Fight Club), Janelle Monae (the chosen one), Katherine Hahn (Wandavision), Leslie Odom Jr (One Night in Miami), Kate Hudson (almost famous) Madeleine Cline (Foreign Banks), Jessica Henwick (Iron Fist), and Ethan Hawke (Training day).

What is the sequel about?

The rights to the franchise were acquired by the site in a deal valued at US$450-470 million. It’s one of the biggest in Hollywood history, surpassing the competition Amazon Prime And Apple TV+🇧🇷

About US$300 million of this amount will be allocated to Director Craig. Rian Johnson and producer Ram Bergman.

The decision to bring the franchise to streaming should come as no surprise, especially since the original film grossed $311 million in theaters on a mere $40 million budget.