October 3, 2023
Globo criticizes court order to veto

Globo criticizes court order to veto

During today’s “Fantástico” finale, TV Globo spoke about From a court order veto Excerpts from an interview with influential Iran Ferreira, Lofa de Pedrero.

On Friday, TV Globo was notified of an injunction issued to Alan Silva Jesus. In the decision, the judge prohibited the disclosure of confidential information about the contract between the two and banned any demonstrations promoting hate speech against the former businessman. Hate speech and threats are not condoned in Any case ”, began the introduction Poliana Abreta.

He continued, “Disputes regarding contractual issues must be decided by the judiciary, as the press investigates all aspects of the news impartially and produces information on the facts. The society has the right to have access to all relevant events.”

TV Globo understands that the injunction violates freedom of the press and expression and the pillars of democracy protected by the constitution. Therefore, you will appeal the decision. In compliance with the court’s decision, the report that we will now present will not contain the information that was overturned by the injunction. Poliana Abrita

The article presented by the program tells about the beginning of the successful path of Luva de Pedreiro and the conflicts between him and Alain de Jesus. The businessman was mentioned and there was an excerpt from his report on “Esporte Espetacular” on display.

According to the report, there is a heavy fine for Iran for violating the agreement with its former manager. He also claims that he signed the contract without the supervision of a lawyer.

Iran also talked about the financial problems it is facing.

“All the money I asked for, I borrowed. Seventy stories. Man over there I bought a ball, you know? I didn’t owe it. “I still have to pay the guy,” he said.

The influencer also commented on other issues he faced.

“I couldn’t do anything I wanted, couldn’t go out with my friends, couldn’t record my stuff, couldn’t post Song He said.

earlier, Luva de Pedreiro told on social media that a court order had vetoed excerpts from the interview with “Fantástico” as well as with “Domingo Espetacular”.“.

last Tuesday, Luva de Pedreiro has announced that Falcao, one of the greatest players in futsal history, has started managing his career.