November 28, 2023
Glória Maria está afastada do trabalho (Foto: Reprodução / Instagram)

Globo hammers and decides on Glória Maria, after the tumour

The journalist is not on air due to his health condition

Gloria Maria He is part of the star of team Globe🇧🇷 Despite being a journalist, the anchor’s charisma also made her a celebrity.

After going through several programs, such as Fantástico, as well as countless international travels, the celebrity has been put in charge of Globo Reporter, along with Sandra Annenberg.

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The duo was carefully selected by the management, after Sergio Chaplin retired. However, Gloria Maria is again walking away from a lung tumor treatment program and Globo has to make a decision about her future at home.

Even in the face of internal changes in the group, the veteran journalist’s contract has been renewed until 2026. According to reporter Fabia Oliveira, from the Em Off column, her salary will still be around R$120,000 per month.

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Sandra Annenberg and Gloria Maria run Globo's correspondent (clone: ​​Globo)
Sandra Annenberg and Gloria Maria lead the Friday night show (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Globo’s new stage

Since last year, the station in Rio de Janeiro has faced a series of changes. They all hit the press and the entertainment sector.

Many financial portfolios have been laid off and countless professionals have been fired, especially the older ones, who have earned real wealth from the paycheck. According to a statement from the same channel, the intention is to reduce the budget.

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