December 2, 2023

Globo makes a huge mistake when promoting a recap on “BBB” – Prisma

Tadeu Schmidt orders “BBB” on Globo
Paolo Bellot

Globo was correct in its decision to fire two “Big Brother” participants, MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato, for sexual harassment. Situations that cannot even be tolerated.

Nothing, an animation of a party and a drink, nothing justified such behavior and the production had no other position to take.

But he’s making a big mistake now when he wants to bring back two who’ve already been eliminated, even if by public vote, to cover the gap of those who left.

Something terribly unfair to those who are locked in there, from the start, without seeing the color of the street or the chance to learn how to watch or follow the program from the outside.

And because it is a game, the risk of one of them coming back to win in the end will only add to the distrust of an advantage that the other two confined did not have.

To even better meet the program schedule, to regain the ideal number of participants, the easiest solution was adopted. But, in its course, it may also become the most controversial.

1 to 1

Let’s agree that now no one can talk about SBT anymore, about the sudden and not always the most accurate decisions that Silvio Santos makes.

Observing proportions, Globo does the same thing as in “Casa dos Artistas”, which, as you remember, brought Alexandre Fruta back into the game.

Fernanda Colombo leaves Grupo Globo

Is he around?

The presence of VAR, according to people close to Globo’s sport, has a lot to do with the decision to end Central do Abeto, after the departure of Salvio Spinola, Sandro Mira Ricci and Fernanda Colombo.

But is this for that?

Doing excercise

Even with VAR, decisions made by referees in football matches still generate doubts and lengthy discussions. As a final example, Palmeiras’ goal, last Sunday, has so far divided opinions.

Could there be fallout from Globo?

for friends

The surgery, the sixth that Paulo Soares will undergo on Monday, has been postponed.

Before setting a new date, further testing will be necessary. The power of friends.


Sports on Transmérica FM – SP, in the process of being renewed, will not have the services of narrator Oswaldo Maciel, commentator Eduardo Savoia and reporter Ricardo Martins.

The latter, reportedly, will now be exclusive to TNT Sports, while Caíque Silva, who was at Jovem Pan, has been appointed in his place.


Invitations to the second and final season of “Todas as Flores”, which begins on April 5, are on the air and the shield created around the series is drawing attention.

Even impressively, nothing was ever leaked to the press about the score that had been recorded months earlier. Many actors are involved in film versions and plays…but nothing is said.

Regina Casey in a scene with Sophie Charlotte

old problem

And everyone knows about the headaches that Globo has already experienced with serials leaking to the press and social networks. A police case that outsiders (and insiders) benefit from.

Even the dummy class distribution strategy did nothing. Therefore, the fact that “all flowers” should be celebrated.


With Luciana Braga as Judy Garland, “Judy – The Rainbow Is Here” premieres on April 7 at the Teatro FAAP, in São Paulo.

The season runs until May 28.


Next Sunday, at six o’clock in the evening, Flavio Prado has scheduled the debut of the “Canelada FC” program, with the participation of Celso Cardoso and Paolo Sergio.

Streamed on Claro’s 576, 581 Vivo and 186, as well as Jovem Pan’s YouTube channel.

Calm down at this time

The pilot was recorded for a new program with Benjamin Buck on SBT. That’s it for now. He is in post-production and only then will he be assisted by the house management.

There are still steps to be taken and the main one, as everyone knows, is for the owner to like and approve of it. And another, she has a sense of humor, lots of jokes, but nothing “panic.”

Actress Ingrid Conti is the narrator in Reis
playback / instagram


“Reese” reserved for the seventh season, “The Picado”, revealing the mysteries that surround the character of Ingrid Conte, the narrator, and everything that surrounds her, including the son, played by Henrique Camargo, and the king, played by Guilherme Dellorto

This is a topic of curiosity for fans of the series.

Go straight

It was also decided to show the sixth, seventh and eighth seasons of “Race” without interruption.

The team is currently focusing on the Season X script.

knock knock

• There’s nothing like Christina Rocha recording pilots for “Programa Livre” on SBT…

• … Now, with the end of “Casos de Família”, you will be waiting for a new house project …

• “PL”, in its case, is rather archaic. She was, at other times, the show’s host.

Dudu Azevedo Always remembered for his work on ‘Jesus’, Dudu Azevedo is on record, now streaming…

• … will make a special appearance in Globoplay’s “Verônika” series, with his recordings already in an advanced stage.

• Apparently, the reality cooking show “Cook Island: Ilha do Sabor”, which is broadcast by GNT, stayed in the first season…

• … The program was led by Jessica Ellen and Joaquim Lopez.

• Netflix announces Gabriel Leone – not Chay Suede – as the lead in the Ayrton Senna miniseries. Produced by Golan.

• After completing the Adoniran Barbosa project, Paulo Miklos left for a new film…

• … Next week, the actor and musician starts filming “Carcaça” by André Borelli, sharing the scene with Carole Bressolín …

• Speaking of cinema, our free TV stations can look more fondly on national productions, even to help create a habit…

• … For a long time, North American studios took care of everything and then some.

• This Wednesday, “Hoje em Dia” presents another version of their “Kitchen Tricks” segment …

• … Chef Goga Rocha will teach you five tricks to make life easier in the kitchen.

• “Amor Perfeito” captured 19.3 audience points and 34% of the share in São Paulo, marking the best audience for the premiere of 3 out of 4 telenovelas from the previous six (“A vida da Gente”, “Nos Tempos do Imperador” and ” Beyond ‘illusion’)…

• …was behind “Mar do Sertão” who gave 21 points…

• … on Twitter, “Amor Perfeito” debuted at #1 on TTs Brazil and World throughout the broadcast, according to Globo.