February 6, 2023
Globo promotes Andre Kalindo and exchanges sports correspondent in the US · TV News

Globo promotes Andre Kalindo and exchanges sports correspondent in the US · TV News

The Geography By promoting it makes a significant difference in its reporter team Andre Calindo, One of its leading correspondents in Rio de Janeiro. He will become Special Sports Ambassador to the United States from the second half of the year and will stay in New York to cover major events in the country. Gilherm Roscuni, who has been in this role since 2019, will return to Brazil.

This change has been limited since last year, and the broadcaster has been using the past few months to provide full support for Calindo to move to the United States with his entire family. As stated in it TV newsHe travels in May in search of a home and should definitely go in July.

It will also change the routine of reporter and producer Mona Lisa Duperon, who will be part of the cast of the Encandro com Fatima Bernardus show. She will leave Globo soon after her husband Kalindo is transferred. The exit was smooth, and the company would be open if he returned in the future.

In addition to the play area, Callindo may be asked to work on public coverage. The exchange of reporters between Jornalismo and Esporte da Globo is normal. The reporter should be in the United States until 2025.

Andre Kalindo, 45, was born in Recife (PE) and graduated from UFPE (Federal University of Bernabeu). It was started in 1999 by TV Asa Branca, a Globo subsidiary in Caruaru, in the northeastern state. After leaving there, he spent some time in the TV journal, a partner of the SPD. Later, he transferred to Globo Nordeste, where he hosted the Globo Esporte.

He moved to Rio de Janeiro in 2012, where he was already featured in a report on the Bernambuco teams. His style of mixing newspaper history with television style was acclaimed locally by sports bosses.

Calindo Journalismo worked in Rio de Janeiro in 2020 to cover up an outbreak that had still started in Brazil due to the Govit-19 epidemic. A few months later “on loan”, he returned to the sports area.