February 6, 2023

Globo still thinks it’s funny

Last Sunday, the 25th, TV Globo aired the Best of the Year award. Gravity that is part of the program Sunday with Hackhonors the network’s distinguished actors, comedians, singers and journalists. Only in-house professionals participate in the event. The audience was excluded from the party.

At a certain point in the program that rewards soap opera actors PantanalComedian Paulo Vieira called the word. “I cried when Filho do Rio died,” the comedian said, referring to one of the characters in the telenovela. “I was disgusted. What kind of god is this that takes the old man from Rio and leaves the old man from Havane?” The crowd burst out laughing.

The butt of the joke is Luciano Hang, owner of the Havana chain of stores. The company has 22,000 direct employees in addition to 120,000 indirect employees. Globo employs 15,000 people – eight times less. Just in taxes and interest, Havane spends R$3 billion annually.

But for Vieira, Hang must die. “But it’s a joke,” impulsed the comedian, who never satirizes “left-wing” characters. Who said, revenge suffered. An example of this is comedian Leo Lens. The comedian was known for his jokes about “minorities,” and the comedian was “canceled” by left-wing militants. He ended up losing his job at SBT and saw his concert schedule suffer.

playwright Aguinaldo Silva, who had worked at TV Globo for decades, was furious at Vieira’s jokes. “It’s sad, my dear, but Baixaría has become an institution recognized by the notary,” the playwright wrote in a letter to council member Fernando Holiday (Novo-SP), who also criticized Vieira.

But it doesn’t stop there. In another moment of the Best of the Year award, Vieira mocked the protesters who had camped out in front of the army barracks. He said that if he did not win the Paulo Gustavo Humor award, he would request the submission of the “printed vote” and he would go to the barracks to demand the return of presenter Fausto Silva to the show. Sunday. In the end, he lost the feud to comedian Tata Wernick.

“I don’t regret any jokes against pranksters,” the comedian said in an interview with the newspaper. Folha de S. Paolo. “On the contrary, I will get worse. I know that the media is power, and I will use my power to build a better country.” He even offended those who did not laugh at his jokes. “I never wanted friendship with a fascist, racist and coup plotter,” he stressed.

Vieira points to the thousands of Brazilians who are demonstrating peacefully in front of the army barracks. “In 50 days of protest, not a single window was broken, not a single trash can was set on fire, no one was assaulted, and not a single misdemeanor was committed, let alone a crime committed,” noted J.R. Gozo, in an article published in the West. “All that was done was talking, singing the national anthem and showing the Brazilian flags.”

After “wishing” Hange dead and calling half of Brazil’s population “fascists, racists and coup plotters”, Vieira said he was attacked. He had the support of President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. “My sympathy goes to my friend Paulo Vieira,” Batista wrote on Twitter. “The attacks against you are a reflection of the hatred that we need to overcome in Brazil, with brotherhood and respect.” Lola never expressed solidarity with Leo Lens.