January 29, 2023
Globo suspends recordings of its main series;  I know why

Globo suspends recordings of its main series; I know why

Drica Moraes, the actress who plays Nubia in “Travessia”. Image: Disclosure

TV Globo has stopped recording the TV series “Travessia” due to a health problem of one of the actresses. It’s the first time the broadcaster has been suspended from one of her businesses, but the firing of an employee has led to action being taken. The information is taken from the TV News website.

Drica Morais tested positive for Covid-19 in the new wave of the disease. Translating the character of Nubia, she had an important role in the continuation of the works, and therefore the scenes in which she participated were stopped. In addition, Rafael Luso, who plays Gil, also became infected and exited the series.

New Wave also influenced another act for the station, “Todas as Flores”. Regina Cassé, Cassio Gabos Mendez, Nicolas Pratis, Leonardo Lima Carvalho and Fabio Assuncao have contracted the virus.

After an increase in Covid-19 cases, Globo issued an internal statement recommending a return to the use of masks. The broadcaster also maintained equipment hygiene protocols, for example. Actors, producers, make-up artists, and directors wear safety gear at all times, except for performers who take it off for the recording.

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