June 29, 2022
GloboNews anchor, Lilian Ribeiro reveals breast cancer

GloboNews anchor, Lilian Ribeiro reveals breast cancer

Journalist Lilian Ribeiro surprised her viewers Globo News When appearing on screen wearing a headscarf. At the beginning of Em Pauta, the announcer revealed the reason for the adornment: she’s treating a breast cancer As a result of chemotherapy, he lost part of his hair.

“On October 1st, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s tough, but I take care of myself. I started chemotherapy, had some reactions, some annoying, but I’m fine, doctors say. Like most people going through chemotherapy, I lost a lot.” of my hair. So, in the process on my way to treatment, in the next few months I will be appearing like this here on GloboNews: with a handkerchief,” he said.


Lillian, who directs the show while the defending champion, Marcelo Cosmi, is on vacation, took the opportunity to send a message to viewers: “I really wanted this scarf to be a memory of you at home, less of the illness I’m in and so much of the fact that I take care of myself, do my best for myself. And that’s It includes being here! Also, under the guidance of my doctors, who understand that being here, working, acting, also helps me go down this path,” he said.

To end the speech, the presenter shared with the audience a message of hope in the face of this difficult moment: “We are all in pain and always will be. But our pain never hurts us.”

Lilian Ribeiro is 37 years old and supported by LeoDias column for her full recovery.

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