July 15, 2024

Globoplay records the final scene of Verdades Secretas 2 without Camila Queiroz

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Globoplay records the final scene of Verdades Secretas 2 without Camila Queiroz
Globoplay records the final scene of Verdades Secretas 2 without Camila Queiroz

NS Globoplay Hit the hammer and decide what to do after an unexpected departure Camila Queiroz from the novel Secret Facts 2 with hanging end.

According to a columnist, Patricia Cogot In O Globo newspaper, secret scenes of the long-awaited outcome of the story were recorded on Tuesday (23).

The footage was taken at the Aerospace Museum, Campo dos Afonsos, in the western region of Rio, showing the girl on the tarmac of an airport.

She’ll be about to board a jet-setter, when she ends up getting killed. To replace Camila Queiroz, production resorted to double.

At that time, she starred with Agatha Moreira (Giovanna), Bernardo Lisa (Fabricio, Angel’s son) and Rainer Cadet (Vesci).

In addition, on the scene appeared guests, whose names were kept secret. But this wasn’t the new professional’s only job.

Last Monday (22), she did some scenes with Romulo Estrella. In addition to this, he will also score with Gabriel Braga Nunes.

Camila Queiroz finale in the secret of truth

Camila Queiroz’s departure was not at all friendly. according to the newsThe plot ends with the murder of Lara (Julia Perot), her rival, and this is the reason for her departure.

She will be the “new angel” of the story and the heroine of the third season, while Camila would like to continue in the role and demands that she record the last scenes.

The author and Globoplay did not accept the condition and refused Queiroz’s participation outright. They claimed that the contractual demands they made were “unacceptable”.

So, they race against time to find an actress’s lookalike, aiming to end Angel’s journey once and for all and pass the baton to the new girl in the story.

Camila removed from the soap opera poster

After all the controversy it caused, Globoplay removed it from the soap opera poster. She printed the story announcement on the catwalk, but on the same day her departure was announced, she ended up being replaced by Julia Bayrou.

Julia will go on to gain more fame with her story of revenge on the angel. As a bonus, I also started printing all the ads.

In the story, she plays Lara, who has been subjected to an attempted rape and murder by her stepfather Nicolao (Julio Machado).

Her mother took the blame and went to São Paulo, with the goal of kicking Angel off the podium and avenging the murder of her brother Guilheme (Gabriel Leone).

Like Angel in season one, she is underage, but she’s emancipated and has already started making her first performances.

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