March 22, 2023
Glória Pires (Foto: Divulgação)

Gloria Perez has lived through hell in the ICU and spoken out about her mischief

Gloria Perez had a heartwarming moment when her husband was admitted to the intensive care unit

Gloria Perez He lived in a real hell Intensive care unit When Orlando Moraes He was hospitalized due to the coronavirus. I spoke with It’s from home He told her that it was a very sensitive moment in the life of the couple. She also stressed that only those who have gone through the situation know how difficult the disease is.

“Only by going through this do we have the dimension of what this illness can be like. (…) Certainly, our relationship strengthened even more. He was able to leave in time to celebrate Easter with his family. And we celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary,” Gloria Perez said. And that was very special.”

Gloria Perez next to Orlando Moraes (Photo: Disclosure)

On this occasion, the actress mentioned the qualities of her husband, and also mentioned some distinctive features: “He is very loving, very teasing and condemning, but truly loving.🇧🇷 He’s very fighter. I was very surprised when I realized he was dropping points. It was very scary for me, being next to him. He lost about two pounds a day, he’s a strong guy, he was athletic, he had incredible muscle memory. And he could not walk, and he did not have the strength to get up. (…) After a month he was singing at the top of his voice, it was a miracle.”

Married since 1987, Gloria Perez and Orlando Morris are the parents of Ana, Antonia, and Pinto. In addition to the children from her husband, the Globo actress is also the mother of Cleo, who was the result of her first marriage to Fábio Júnior.

The two are social media darlings and always make mutual statements together. They always point out that their marriage is not perfect, but they do everything for each other out of love.

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