August 15, 2022
Gloria Perez opens up about Jade Picon's performance on "Travessia Records": "Being Preparing"

Gloria Perez opens up about Jade Picon’s performance on “Travessia Records”: “Being Preparing”


The author of the next TV series at 9 p.m. talks about betting on talent from a former BBB to join the cast

Photo: Official Instagram clone Gloria Perez / Jade Picon
Photo: Official Instagram clone Gloria Perez / Jade Picon

9PM Plot author, Gloria Perezin an interview with Newspaper the scientistAnd the Selection details Jade Bacon To live a fictional character Without proper vocational training as an actress. for Gloryexist Talents are discovered naturally It is only mastered over time.

“No art has a single gate. Of course, the ideal is for a person to arrive with strong training, but often, once talent is discovered, training begins after selection. The important thing is that it is done. This is the history of many great actors. Jade tested and surprised. That’s why she was chosen. Since then it has been prepared.”fired author Transit When asked about ex-sister In the crew of his next novel.

while chatting, Gloria Perez make point Leave clues ‘in the air’ About the new 9 PM planner: “Expect a novel. The suggestion is suspense, entertainment and inviting thought, as in all of my other novels. I think it is too early to provide more details. We will continue to enjoy Pantanal and will tell you more later.”the author said keeping the details confidential.

So far, all that is known about 22 character from ex BBB and digital influencer Jade Picon at TravessiaIs this in history, and Youtube will explain kiarawho will also be a digital influencer in fiction and will have characters Humberto Martins And the Giovanna Antonelli.