January 29, 2023
Glouton, in Belo Horizonte, voted one of the best restaurants in Latin America - Degusta

Glouton, in Belo Horizonte, voted one of the best restaurants in Latin America – Degusta

Chef Leonardo Piccou (Photo: Leandro Couri/EM/DA Press- 02/05/2014)

Belo Horizonte Restaurant glutton It is among the 100 best restaurants in Latin America and was awarded on Monday (11/22), “The 50 Best Latin American Restaurants 2021: Pasado y Futuro”. In front of the house is Chef Leo Paixo from Minas Gerais, a judge on the Mestre do Sabor program on the Rede Globo.

Located in the Centro-Sul district of Belo Horizonte, Glouton is located in position 68 in awards. “We received this award, which is a recognition of our nation’s cuisine throughout Latin America, and in honor of our history and also the history of everyone who walked with us here,” the restaurant stated in a post.

The list was released this year in an exceptional way. Instead of an annual ranking, the award has submitted the 100 most voted institutions since the award’s first edition, which took place in 2013.

Of these, 17 are Brazilians. research:

  • 3º Dome (Su Paolo, SP)
  • 7º man (Su Paulo, SP)
  • 11th The Casa do Porco (So Paulo, SP)
  • 22 Lasai (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
  • 23 Mukut (Soo Paulo).
  • 41st Oteque (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
  • 49º Manu (Curitiba).
  • 51 euros (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
  • 54º Togo (São Paulo).
  • Evvay No. 65 (Su Paulo)
  • 66 Fasano (So Paulo).
  • 68 Gluton (Belo Horizonte, MG)
  • 75 Tordesillas (So Paulo)
  • 77º Sota (Vitria – MG)
  • 86 Arturito (Su Paolo).
  • 88º Kumah (Su Paulo, SP)
  • 90 Corotella (São Paulo)

On Instagram, Chef Leo Paixo thanked the Glouton team for the achievement and revealed the effort behind performing well in another capital, in So Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

“So it is great to draw attention here to the Minas Mountains. Moving away from the focus of Rio / São Paulo makes things very difficult for international recognition, so it is very important that our state is in focus for the first time.”

“I thank the dozens of professionals who have worked in all sectors of Glouton. Years of effort, dedication and perseverance have made this place in the heart of Belo Horizonte.”

In addition to Glouton, Leo Paixo also operates five other restaurants, Ninita Cozinha, Mina Jazz Bar, Nico Sanduches, and Nicolau na Brasa, all located in Belo Horizonte.

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