Go from self employed to entrepreneur

Passer de travailleur autonome à entrepreneur

The contracts are linked together, the working hours expand, the awareness grows… there is no doubt, you are self-employed accomplished. But with all these projects, how do effectively manage your time and resources to take the maximum advantage of this success ? The time has come for you to start a business and become an entrepreneur ?

Although the line between worker and independent contractor sometimes seems pretty thin, the first usually handles only the achievement of its contracts, while the second surrounds himself with a team who will be able to assist in the growth of the company.

Visual artist and graphic designer to his or her account for several years, Marie-Claude Marquis decided to launch her own collection of products in 2014. In front of the growing success that won its creations, it must rethink its way of doing things.

“There are three facets to my work,” she explains, my practice of artistic gallery, my contracts for illustration and graphic design and my range of products titled Thank you Goodnight. With my company, the main challenge was to be efficient at all since I did all the steps. But it is at the level of the management that I had the most difficulty. Inventories, forecasting, shipment, order, and organization domains are really the most difficult for me ! “Marie-Claude has recently hired an employee to handle these tasks related to the management. “This is the best decision that I have taken for a long time,” says the entrepreneur.

The financial administration of a company can also be more complicated than the management of personal income. The contractor must take into account the various expenses related to the suppliers, the local, the stages of production and, of course, to employees.

“For the past three years, I have a book to be a very kind and patient which helps me and advises me with all my expenses,” said Marie-Claude Marquis. Before that, I was rather helplessly on the administrative side, but I was also taking a lot less risk… “

In regards to the hours they work, the contractor, which until then took care of everything, will now be able to save time by distributing certain tasks to complete, which will allow him to focus on the development of business opportunities for the company.

“Thank you, good Evening, I work less, because I delegate to my worker tasks in which I excelled less, continues Marie-Claude Marquis. At the beginning, it was a little stressful to let go of his “baby”, but since we found our rhythm and our way of working, it’s going super well. I do really trust, we learn something new every day, and we are constantly faced with new challenges. “

For the self-employed worker, negotiate the turn, entrepreneurship can sometimes be nerve-wracking. Also, the important thing is to visualize the potential of expansion of its business, without burning stages.

“When we are no longer able to meet the demand, I think that this is the sign that it is necessary to grow. But do it in a graded manner has been to me the way the more realistic and less stressful to do “, concludes the entrepreneur.


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