May 30, 2023
Goals on DVD: Corinthians remember Inter's provocation in Yuri Alberto ad |  Corinthians

Goals on DVD: Corinthians remember Inter’s provocation in Yuri Alberto ad | Corinthians

a Corinthians The rift between him and Internacional over striker Yuri Alberto, 21, has not gone unnoticed.

after minutes Loan Announcement and Confirmation For the player from Zenit, from Russia, which runs until mid-2023, the club used social networks to display a video clip with the striker’s performances.

And as he has done countless times, he made reference to a DVD recording. The joke is a reference to arbitration complaints that the Colorado Club have made in recent years. The term has been used frequently.

The player was sold by Rio Grande do Sul to Zenit at the end of January this year for 25 million euros (149 million BRL at the time), and many Colorados believe he will return to Internacional.

competition between Corinthians Internacional intensified in 2005, when the two teams battled for the Brazilian championship until the final round of the tournament which saw many controversies. It reached its climax four years later, in 2009, in the Brazil Cup final between Alvenegro and Colorado.

On the eve of this decision, Internacional’s then president, Fernando Carvalho, summoned the press to submit a DVD with the bids that Corinthians Arbitration was supposed to favor him. People from Sao Paulo took that trophy, and since then, they’ve ridiculed the ring whenever the gaucho wins – on the field and also in backstage disputes.

Corinthians announces Yuri Alberto – Photo: clone

Watch the full player profile:

  • Yuri Alberto Monteiro da Silva
  • 03/18/2001 | 1.82 m
  • Sao Jose dos Campos – SP
  • Clubs: Santos, Internacional and Zenit

Goals, dribbles and assists by Yuri Alberto in 2021 Brasileirão

Corinthians Banner – Photo: Reproduction