March 22, 2023
Godoy Cruz set foot, Botafogo to recruit Martin Ojeda for 2023

Godoy Cruz set foot, Botafogo to recruit Martin Ojeda for 2023

a Botafogo He lost hope in the presence of Martin Ojeda in the current transfer period. Godoy Cruz-ARG adopts an irreducible attitude and makes it difficult to sell the player, Although Alvenegro has put the club’s requested sums on the tableSo far.

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Glorioso does not give up Ojeda’s existence, but knows that the situation is getting more and more difficult. General Severiano’s club, which faces a possible new negative from Godoy, is already in the works with the possibility of the 23-year-old striker only coming in 2023. The news was first provided by “FogãoNET” and confirmed Throw!.

He is seen as a player who can make a comeback in the short and medium term, on and off the field, which justifies waiting for a few more months. Another factor is the financial part, too: the transfer will be cheaper next year.

To get Ojeda now, Botafogo will have to pay a fine of $15 million (R$77.4 million, at the current price), as Godoy proves incompatible with the negotiation. If you wait, the deal will be between 4 and 6 million (20.6 to 30.9 million R$).

Despite the financial difficulties, Godoy Cruz does his best to keep Ojeda in this window. The team, despite being fifth in the Argentine championship, Fight relegation because of the system averages. But next year, holding him is practically impossible.

It is worth remembering that a file Glorioso already has a salary and contractual agreement with the player It depends on his desire to come to the club in the current window. The club, if it maintains contacts with Godoy to receive him in 2023, will continue talks with the athlete to formalize the agreement for next year.