July 15, 2024

Gol (GOLL), Azul (AZUL4) and CVC Brasil (CVCB3) shares led the declines in Ibovespa

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Gol (GOLL), Azul (AZUL4) and CVC Brasil (CVCB3) shares led the declines in Ibovespa
Gol (GOLL), Azul (AZUL4) and CVC Brasil (CVCB3) shares led the declines in Ibovespa
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Shares of airlines and tourism are among the biggest percentage declines in the stock market this Wednesday (29), around 4 pm, on a day when liquidity fell and the value of Ibovespa fell 0.69%, to 104,123 points.

A CVC Brasil (CVCB3), tourism, down 7.12%, at 13.17 Brazilian real, topping Ibovespa’s decline. Meanwhile, Jules (all 4) it is blue (blue 4) fell 5.54%, sequentially, to 16.87 Brazilian riyals; And 6.45% at a price of 24.09 Brazilian Real.

These companies are mainly affected by two factors: the rise of the dollar and Covid-19 variable dispersion micron. The business dollar runs 0.90% higher, quoted at R$5.690 on buy and R$5.691 on sale.

The dollar tends to affect the performance of these companies because it undermines interest in traveling abroad, reduces the purchasing power of Brazil, and makes kerosene, a fuel used in aviation, more expensive. “A rising dollar always hurts these companies. Henrique Esteter, market specialist at . commented Infomoney.

“However, I would like to highlight today’s micron data in countries such as the UK and France. The growth in numbers is very strong. It is raising a good mood for the sector globally. Abroad, giant American Airlines, the world’s largest airline, has slumped,” he added. For example, by 2.08%.

The World Health Organization (WHO) today warned that the growth of cases in the world – yesterday, for the first time, more than a million infected people were recorded in one day – is dangerous, because it increases the chances of the emergence of new types of Covid-19 completely resistant to vaccines.

In addition to the airlines and CVC, Qualicorp stands out among the waterfalls (3 . qualityand the World Bankbinary 4). The former is down about 3% after posting a rise of more than 6% in the past week. The bank is on the same path, down about 4% after advancing roughly the same amount in recent trading sessions.

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Ibovespa’s biggest gain

Among the largest elevations, Banku Pan (BPAN4) takes first place, rising 1.36% around 15:55. Shares have partially rebounded from their lows last Monday, when they represented the main decline in the index, down 3.23%.

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via (VIIA3) and valley (VALE3) Close the top three highs. The first company is extending its rally that began about a week ago, which has already risen in value by more than 8%, after investors were encouraged by trade data as well as news that next year will have few holidays.

Vale, in turn, recovers from yesterday’s decline, when it closed at the lowest level at 2.72%, due to the decline in the price of crude.

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