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Golden Globes 2022 was frustrating and did not stir up controversy with the winners – 10/01/2022 – Photographer

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Golden Globes 2022 was frustrating and did not stir up controversy with the winners - 10/01/2022 - Photographer
Golden Globes 2022 was frustrating and did not stir up controversy with the winners - 10/01/2022 - Photographer

It’s strange to say that This Sunday’s edition of the Golden Globes (9) It was memorable – after all, neither the public nor the press had access to the conference. The winners were announced on social networks, over an hour and a half, in brief posts that in no way mentioned the brilliance of what had always been one of the main nights of celebrations in Hollywood.

But it is precisely for this frustrating figure that the 79th Golden Globe Awards will go down in history, As the most problematic version And why not, the most pathetic of these eight decades of awards.

The embarrassment began even before the winners were announced, with photos of members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, HFPA presenting the trophy, arriving at the secret conference venue, and with excerpts from speeches of celebrities who had won in the past. Published on the Internet, as if to supply Absence of celebrities – naysayers to share– in this year.

“We see, we hear and we will tell your stories,” one publication read, quoting an excerpt from Oprah Winfrey’s speech upon receiving an honorary award two years ago. The phrase hasn’t been chosen for nothing, of course, since then Among the accusations surrounding the Golden Globes is racism and lack of representation.

When the ceremony of no return began, the message that opened was another desperate attempt to show the importance and goodwill of the Foreign Press Association. “HFPA has donated $50 million to charities over the past 25 years!” It was stated in the post, in an edition that was being sold as an opportunity to celebrate the philanthropy behind the Golden Globes.

Perhaps as a reaction to historical nominations and questionable wins for Golden Globes in the past, this version had a very cohesive and unsurprising list of winners. The trophy really blew away as the favorites in awards season.

The TV segment, for example, focused on the comedy “hacks”, the best series and best actress in the genre. No drama “Caliphate” Drama Series, Actor & Supporting Actress, Safe Bets on the Night.

Among the miniseries and made-for-TV movies, the winner was “The Underground Railroad,” a production that was praised but seemed to have little power compared to the new “Mare of Easttown” or “Maid.” It was good, in the current scenario, to give a plot about slavery – not to withdraw the merits of miniseries, but it is worth noting that she did not win anything at the last Emmy Award, and even at Globo she was nominated only in one category.

It was also a surprise that Michaela J. Rodriguez won Best Actress in a Drama Series for “Pose”. She became the first transgender actress to graduate triumphant at the Golden Globes, in a historic pro-diversity brand that also signals that the award is ready for a change.

Similarly, in cinema, Jane Campion broke barriers to become the third woman to win a Globe Award for Best Director, for “Attack dos Dogs” – which was also selected as the best drama film. We had too Two Latinas won Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy and Best Supporting Actress – Rachel Ziegler and Ariana Deboss, both “Sami love”Which won the award for best film of its kind.

When the ads ended, the feeling that lingered was that the Golden Globes didn’t even happen. No party glamor or TV broadcast at leastIts significance has been minimal, boosted in a year when the bets for the Oscars already appear to be well-defined and not evenly split.

Nor were there any major disturbances or protests on social media overnight. On Twitter, where the winners were announced, netizens’ comments were limited to encouraging one movie or series or another, and few remembered them. The controversy threatens to “cancel” the Golden Globes.

it happened, As expected behind the scenes in Hollywood, a few more months in the fridge can help the award rehabilitate its image and restore the confidence of the industry and the public.

Hollywood celebrities have always ignored the award, which sends a clear message that they don’t want to be involved in it now, but they don’t want to sever ties permanently either.

Jamie Lee Curtis was one of the few voices to express public support tonight, saying he was “proud to be associated with the HFPA, which does ‘charitable work in a very discreet and meticulous way.’ In general, even studios have been silent on the internet – including those that I got awards.

Given the context, it is better to be ignored than criticized. With that said, the Golden Globes seem to have survived after all. But no one should soon forget that it was a joke in 2022.

Check out the full list of nominees and winners here.

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