Good year for the sport ! (Part 1)

Danny Gélinas
The Voice of the East

Bonne année les sportifs ! (1re partie)

I hope that the year 2018 has been wonderful for all of you. History encourage some to spend on a nice year 2019, I’ll be back this morning with the first of two columns devoted to wishes are sometimes comical, sometimes serious, that I offer to people for whom I have the greatest of respects.

Éric Archambault, Travel at any price : yet a time to organize beautiful golf trips to Puerto Vallarta-Riviera Nayarit and a dinner in the company of the humorist Jean-Claude Gélinas to know which best imitates Réjean de Terrebonne !

Bernard Barré, Group Yvon Michel and TVA Sports : lots of fights involving heavyweight Arslanbek Makhmudov, a machine !

Roger Bélisle, the ex-president of the club de golf de Cowansville : a beautiful winter on the fairways of the EL TIGRE Riviera Nayarit !

Daniel Bernard, director-general of the club de golf Miner : that its course is recognised at its fair value by the whole of the population of Granby.

Marco Bernard, the Inouk of Granby and Productions Extreme : a lot of success with his podcast !

Vincent Berthiaume, a young prodigy of the race car : to keep the promise he made me in November last, to bring the same attention to his studies that at the race.

Dan Bogan, a professional at the Knowlton Golf Club : a life contract in this club !

Kevin Boisvert, superintendent acting at the club de golf Le Rocher in Roxton Pond : also a life contract, but with the owner Stephane Morin!

Patrick Boivin, president of Montreal Alouettes : to copy what his father Pierre had been in the company of his good friend Ray Lalonde with the Canadian, that is to say, to do everything to improve the customer experience.

Mario Bolduc, great sports Dunham : of health and prosperity. With the talent that you possess to human relationships, the Good God will take care of the rest !

Patrice Bosch, general manager and head coach of the Inouk de Granby : win the Cup NAPA and a return to the QMJHL as the head coach.

Eric Bouchard, director of operations of the Titans of the Divine Word : simply to continue its excellent work !

René Bouchard, resident of Granby and a former director general of the college Antoine Girouard : nice round of golf at the Royal Bromont and an invitation on my part, this summer… I promise you !

Michel Boucher, one of my mentors, and talent scout of the Tampa Bay Lightning : to finally win the Stanley Cup so deserved… I promise I’ll get off at Three-Rivers and to pay for the champagne !

Pat Brisson, CAA Sports agent for hockey players : put your hand on another “exceptional” as Crosby, Matthews, etc, and continue to be the best godfather in the world !

Simon Brodeur, bodybuilder Granby : the title of Mr. Universe … in the seniors !

Réal Brunelle, city councillor in the City of Bromont : a year without health problems !

Nicolas Campbell, ex-hockey player from the QMJHL and co-owner of club de golf de Saint-Césaire : the title of amateur champion of the eastern Townships, nothing less for this golfer hyper-talented !

Martin Chagnon, of Pepsi-Cola : that the City of Saint-Pie building an arena, and gives him his name, he who is dedicated so much to this city !

Steve Charbonneau, analyst of the matches of the Montreal Alouettes in the 98.5 : be able to analyse finally matches the winning team !

Enrico Ciccone, former NHL player and new liberal member of provincial : to remember that a house of Assembly, is not a room of hockey : you don’t have the right to type in all the shoes of your neighbor !

Joslin Coderre, owner of clubs golf Granby St-Paul, Waterloo and Richmond : a lot of success with its new residential development.

Normand Côté, Tournament Bantam de Granby : to have for ever of the hockey school as part of his tournament.

Peter Croteau, pa announcer for the matches of the Maroons of Waterloo : a lot of fun to organize his ” Johnny Levesque Open !

Guy D’arcy, of the City of Granby : a real retreat !

Jean-Guy Delorme, golfer Granby : nothing but health !

Charles Désourdy, Bromont mountain experiences : the role of a mentor in the program, In the eye of the dragon!

Michel Dorais, chairman of the LHSAAAQ : that his league was recognized because of the very good quality of his game.

Bernard Jr. “Ben” Dubé, owner of the Canteen Ben Granby : another trip to the Moon Palace Cancun, but this time, with his golf clubs !

Richard Dubé, nicknamed the “official opposition” to the municipal council of Granby : in the case of senator Patrick Brazeau with Justin Trudeau, a fight of three rounds with the mayor, Pascal Bonin !

Martin Ducharme, director-general of the Domaine du Château Bromont : the title of general manager of the year at the gala Golf-Quebec.

Pierre Dugas, one of the best teachers of golf in Quebec : continue to take care of all of its students, in particular, Caroline Ciot and Felix Package !

Claude Dupuis, director general of the Quarries of Saint-Dominique : a rematch, by a sunny weather this time, in the company of his partner, Pothier, against its formidable opponents Lachapelle and Gélinas at the golf club of Saint-Hyacinthe.

Alexandre Faucher, teacher : the birth of three other girls to be able to complete her ringette team and a vet who charges less than 2800 $ for a surgery on a cat !

Maxime Filiault, co-owner of Club swimming Pools in Granby, Cowansville and Saint-Hyacinthe : a-league final Atom Yamaska-Missisquoi between the Cobras de Granby and the Rockies of Bromont !

Marc Fontaine, man-orchestra, at the club de golf Inverness Lac Brome : other beautiful round together !

Dave Fortin, superintendent at the Course of the Old Village : that he and his team continue to make small miracles in order that their course is always in beautiful condition !

Miguel Fortin, director general and head coach of the Maroons of Waterloo : to be able to go out and look for talent and toughness to the outside of the region.


It beautifies my life for almost 16 years and it will continue to do so, because we’re getting married this summer ! On the personal level, not only it is sensational — no doubt the best life partner who also takes good care of our little Sidney, our love— but also on the professional level, where she rose through the ranks according to the theory of small steps. After having been director of branches of National Bank of Saint-Pie and Saint-Césaire, my wife, Genevieve, Arel, guide from little the for those of Bromont and Cowansville. The kind of challenge she loves. I know you’ve never liked being in the spotlight, but I just wanted to say that I’m proud of you !

Good luck in your new functions, my love !

Bonne année les sportifs ! (1re partie)


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