March 29, 2023

Google announces news for Android and Wear OS

Google announced launch Some resources for android that it Wear OS During the Mobile World Congress (MWC). The interesting part is that all news should hit where Android is supported, including older versions. All in all available languages.

Next, find out exactly what news is planned for both of them.

New features for Android and Wear OS

Check out what changes to expect on your Wear OS 3 phone and watch in the coming months.

This news will reach all Android devices in general, as it has nothing to do with the new version of the operating system in the testing phase. If your device has already migrated to the latest software or is on the list planned for the coming months, this should be taken into account.

For those who do not understand, this means that some features may not be compatible.

The news announced by Google

Meet noise cancellation

The first novelty is Noise canceling in Google Meet video calls for Android.

The idea of ​​this feature is to allow a higher quality in the announcer’s voice, thanks to artificial intelligence that is able to mask the hiss of the microphone and pick up the background. This tool is necessary for those who work in crowded places or even at home where there are children.

More choices from Emoji Kitchen

In case you didn’t know, this is a tool that allows you to combine two or more emojis to create unique and exclusive images for use in chatbots. The number of groups that will be made available has not been revealed. The last change was made in November.

In general, it is nice to know that Google is still betting on its virtual keyboard.

Keep edit notes

With this new feature it will be possible to pin a specific note to the home screen.

You can manage the note right there, pinned to the home screen, without having to open the app or perform other actions. Before, the app only offered a shortcut to several separate menus, which wasn’t very useful for someone who needed to deal with a single item, right? now? settle down.

Keep improving the hours

Google Keep usage will sync with cellular usage with your Wear OS watch and vice versa. Smart watches should also have a couple of shortcuts to help create to-do lists or reminders.

The big advantage is that everything can be done through your smartwatch, that is, without the need for your cell phone. You will have the option to use your voice to create your lists thus not being dependent on limited typing on wrist devices.

New payment animation

Users of Wear OS watches and Android phones will be able to enjoy payment animations on the screen. a Google Wallet It will display a fun animation to confirm your purchases in the store. In addition to the blue tick mark for confirmation, the seal will now jump. Also, there will be a penguin on the screen.