February 6, 2023

Google Docs improves speech transcription

Converting what is said into text on the platform Google docs This is nothing new, as it has been offered since 2015. However, the company is trying to update the tool further, with some improvements that should improve automatic captions in Google Slides.

When viewing a document on the platform Google docsAnd You can access Tools > Voice Typing from a floating microphone that notes what you say until you click the function again. However, it is also possible to edit and format documents using voice commands.

With the arrival of the new update, Google seeks to reduce errors in understanding speech, as well as reduce loss of voice, but the company did not provide any specific example.

Not only will bugs be fixed, but there is an intention to increase availability for all popular browsers as it is currently only available for browsers Chromedoesn’t work in Safari, for example.

Updates to capture quality will also apply to automatic comments in Google Slides, a tool to help viewers of your presentation read your slides.

According to Google: “We hope that this release will lead to more inclusion and accessibility in Docs and Slides user interactions.”

These features are in the works and will be fully available over the next month for both free and paid versions of Google Docs.

Another improvement in Docs is support for nonprinting characters, which can help visualize paragraphs, line breaks, section breaks, page breaks, and column breaks when a tab or even a space is present.

These implemented codes can be very useful when formatting a document. To activate the function, simply open a document within Google Docs, and go to View > Show Nonprintable Characters.